Saturday, December 15, 2007

Please excuse the F'ed up header image

Apparently Blogger is attempting to fix some errors with other people's blogs and they are creating other errors in the process with people that haven't been affected up until now. You can surf on over to the Help Group to see plenty of threads about this issue. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Until then you'll have to just stare at the bottom half of Chris Redfield's face.


Well, it seems that all of this was planned by our friends at Blogger without even a little note or any type of message about this update.

You can view the details and all the negative responses to the announcement about this situation here.

I guess I'll spend some of my time this weekend viewing the info on this blog in order to fix my header. Hopefully it won't be that bad, even though I have very little html knowledge.


Nevermind. I just got it fixed with the help of a poster in that thread up above! Nice to see the blog fully Resident Evily once again. ;p

Supposedly there is a fix coming for larger headers like mine also.


Subarugirl said...

Either way, the picture still looks good. The graphics rock. BTW, im Pauline, i follow your silent hill origins FAQ/ Walkthrough. ;]

Berserker said...


Hopefully by next week it will be fixed or at least they'll add something where I can make it look better.

It seems that Blogger actually chose to display images like this from now on. There's quite an uproar about it on their Help Group though.