Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mmm...Sony press conference

To me, Sony had the best showcase this year. The PSP selection is gourgeous - God of War, Silent Hill: Origins (can't wait for this), Final Fantasy: The Lion Wars (those new cutscenes match SO well), Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (*gasp*).

Their Haze trailer was my first time to see it in motion. Wow. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune still has my attention as well.

I was expecting a good MGS4 trailer as well and Kojima really looks like he's going to deliver once again on this one. I was pleased with how happy he seemed about the game and how open he was with the audience as well. He seems like he's giving this one his all.

The PS3 RE5 trailer seemed a bit different also from the Microsoft show, or either the footage was mixed differently.

Ahhhhhh...2008...RE5. :D Sorry.
"But this is not where or how it ends. Fate promises more twists before this drama unfolds completely."

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