Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Microsoft's E3 '07 press conference was evil, in a good way.

Just got through watching Microsoft's press conference for this year's E3 and I must say that I am now totally hyped! As if Virtua Fighter 5 with online play wasn't enough to make me grin, Peter announced a game that wouldn't be available until 2008. Since he had just mentioned Devil May Cry 4, I thought for sure he was showing a trailer of it since I could have sworn it was pushed back to 2008.

What followed made all time stop around me as I entered a state of shock and extreme happiness.

Needless to say, I wasn't expecting to see anything about Resident Evil 5 at this year's E3. What a shocker!

Let me just post another image since I feel like it.

Chris Redfield certainly has bulked up hasn't he? The full trailer hits Xbox Live on July 26.

Oh man, now to see some more Umbrella Chronicles action later today or sometimes this week. I think I'll feel complete then - well, actually a little overfilled.

Thanks to TheBigG753 from the IGN boards for the clearer second pic.
"Long time no see, Chris."

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Anonymous said...

he looks hot