Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where have you been, Berserker!?

I've been playing as STARS Chris. I've been trying to prove that you don't need a Wesker partner to gain 900K on various stages. I've been playing Mercsident Evil 5 too long... WAY too long. That's where I've been.

I've NEVER had a game take up my time as much as Resident Evil 5 has. Usually I spend about 3 months with a game and then I'm done with it. Once I declare the guide finished, I'm done. One of the main reasons why I write is to make a game last longer for myself. With Resident Evil 5, I didn't even need to do that. The Mercs minigame is so very addicting. It's amazing the amount of replay value that RE5 Mercs has through the competency brought on by it's leaderboards.

Resident Evil 5 was supposed to be my last FAQ...

That's the way that I had it planned. I was going to stop after I was done. In a way, that may still very well be true, since I haven't felt motivated enough to move on to another guide or game at this point. I was planning to do something for Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, but haven't felt motivated enough to start.

I have made SO MANY good friends because of RE5. I'm not going to list them all here because they know who they are. It's been such a good experience. Someone needs to cue the "Somewhere I Belong" Linkin Park song right now. Wait...

There we go! xD

I want to find something, I've wanted all along... Somewhere I belong!

I've never felt so close to a community as I have with RE5. It's just been... awesome! :)

As for now, I continue to post over at the Biohazard Mercenaries site:

If you check the strategy forum, I'm basically listing information that I plan to include in a new Mercs and Resident Evil 5 guide come next year. Yeah, I'll be updating the main guide and the Mercs guide for Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition/Gold Edition. At this point, the Mercs guide is out of date. It's very basic right now. ;)

If you haven't yet, then visit my youtube page also. I've posted up several of my RE5 Mercs runs there.

I probably won't update everything as fast as I wrote the original RE5 guide. I don't know. Resident Evil 5 may very well be the last guide that I ever do, but at least I can say it's the most enjoyable guide that I've ever done. I don't want to go out with whimper. I don't want to go out with a bang.

I just want to leave a strong mark among the community of my favorite series.

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