Friday, May 22, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Guide - Version "Haymaker"

This Resident Evil 5 guide has become so much more than just a simple dropkick to the face or shotgun stinger. It's an absolute-

Well, ok, let me set this up for you:

Pretend for a moment that I am the second player and you are the third player.

My Chris Redfield has just shocked you with a few years worth of anticipation leading up to Resident Evil 5's release.

I reel back my fist for the punch and what do I deliver?

One incredible punch with all my might. Over two months of built up effort in a single strike. A blow that will leave an impact on my reader. I want to simply knock you out with intense detail and tons of Resident Evil love.

I deliver upon you, a Haymaker.


"Arggghhhhhh!" *Haymaker*

As you get up off the floor, you will remember one thing...

A Berserker always leaves his mark!

Was perfection achieved?
Was it all worth writing for?
That'll work?
Poor performance indeed?

That's for you to decide. All I know is that this has been the biggest task I have ever performed while writing for a video game and it was an absolute blast! There were times where I had a lack in motivation due to how long this guide was taking me, but I kept at it and now everything is in place. And I'm not done yet. Even with a version labeled "Complete", I'll still keep adding more.

I have blown off and completely neglected many friends now for over two months regarding invites to Resident Evil 5. I'll be suprised if my Xbox LIVE players even still know my name anymore. Anyway, the majority is behind me now and it's time to play (Pinhead voice)!

Here's the form that the rest of the updates will arrive in:

Kick = Extremely minor update
Hook = Minor update
Straight Punch = Moderate update
Uppercut = Big update
Back Hand = Major update

Thanks to all readers that have commented and all friends that have helped me out! Big thanks to Haoran (Lev) for the pics above also!

First Knockout [Back Hand] (5/22)

When I originally set out to write this guide, I said "It's going to be like a dropkick to the face, I assure you" but after first releasing the guide, I considered it to be more of a "shotgun stinger" to my readers. I've decided to name the complete version after my favorite tag team melee since the guide is now done. It's a Redfield Haymaker, baby!

From the previous version, the Basics section received a number of fixes and changes in overall formatting. It was basically REmade in many areas. A few other sections were redone a bit as well, especially when listing tips. Speaking of which, a tips section was added to Versus.

Everything that I have set out to do is now done. Expect more updates to come though. Even when declared finished, for Resident Evil 5, I will continue to make this guide the best I can.

I'm going to go much more in-depth with The Mercenaries within the next few weeks. You can basically consider what is already there as "framework" for me to build upon for the time being. I'm going to make up a separate guide for The Mercenaries mode as well.

Second Knockout [Uppercut] (5/26)

The "Treasure By Chapter" section received a complete overhaul. The treasure boxes were removed and the entire section has a more simple appearance now. Emerald (Marquise) was added to the normal treasures section and I added in some treasure descriptions. Updated the walkthrough section for Chapter 6-1 regarding the cage drop and Topaz (Marquise) dropped from the two Base Majini on the crane. A few typos were corrected here and there.

I added more about the AI partner in the General Basics section as well. More about how to equip your AI partner is listed now. I added a few more tips to the Mercs section based off my recent plays as well. More Mercs info is coming later in the week. It's time to get hardcore with the Mercs mode now that all other sections are basically done!

Third Knockout [Straight Punch] (5/29)

Added some co-op tips in the walkthrough here and there since I've been playing online co-op a bit more now on PSN. If you're on PSN or Xbox 360 and find some form of BerserkerKev in a username then that is most likely me.

All Chris sections under the Mercs section have a bunch of additions. Ways to achieve melee kills, single player information and even a rather nice video that I found on youtube for Chris BSAA. If anyone could possibly find or make a video of the other Chris types exploiting melees kills for a high score then please tell me and I'll link to it. I'll accept multiple videos so do another Chris BSAA run.

Fourth Knockout [Uppercut] (6/3)

The remainder of the Mercs section has now been filled out with melee kills and other information for Sheva, Jill and Wesker types. Be sure to give it a look since the melee setups are composed of some very time consuming methods from yours truly. A few additions were made to the walkthrough here and there based off my co-op runs.

I'll be working on a separate Mercs guide in the coming days. It will basically be the same as the Mercs section only it will have about 2100 less KB and a nice little flashy ASCII logo. I'm still not done with Mercs at all. There are too many new ideas emerging from online games!

Fifth Knockout [Hook] (6/5)

Many tips were added to the Mercenaries section and many of the stage portions now have extra info. A separate Mercenaries FAQ by yours truly is now available as well. It will be updated along with the information in this guide.

Sixth Knockout [Kick] (6/7)

Added some tips here and there to the guide, most notably the tip for skipping out on the battle in the conveyor belt room of the 1st Floor Missile Area in Chapter 5-2. Some of the Mercs info was changed a bit as well.

Seventh Knockout [Back Hand] (6/10)

Alright, I was only considering an S-rank guide before, but over the weekend and the last few days, I decided to go ahead and write it up. This addition basically brings the main game portion of Resident Evil 5 to a close for me. Enjoy and thanks a lot to the readers that recommended the guide on GameFAQs and thanks to the readers that have actually emailed me with feedback or other info. You guys and gals are the reason why I do stuff like this and with Resident Evil 5, it was my deepest pleasure to do so.

The Mercs section was updated a bit. It will be updated quite a bit more within the coming days and weeks now that the S-rank guide is done. There was also a very cool little exploit regarding the locked door in Shanty Town that was added to the Pro mode and is included in the S-rank guide. It's even better than tossing a hand grenade from the second floor. The demo days are over fellow RE fans!

Eighth Knockout [Hook] (6/12)

The Mercenaries section was updated a bit after some online duo games. The maps for The Mines, Village, Experimental Facility and Missile Area now have some extra enemy spawn points listed. Experimental Facility now has Licker spawn points listed. Much more Duo content will come later, including better stage strategies.

Ninth Knockout [Hook] (6/15)

Public Assembly and the Experimental Facility now have a duo walkthroughs in each of their sections. A few tips were added to the Mercs section as well. I'll categorize the tips in a later updates since they're getting quite numerous.

Tenth Knockout [Hook] (6/19)

Added some new methods (with videos) of approaching the chapter 5-3 second boss mainly for Professional and for the S-ranking section. There is also a mention of data corruption to your save file and a reminder to save your game added to the basics section and at the beginning of the walkthrough section.

Item Duplication was added to the Basics section. There is also a mention of using Wesker's dash for melee kills on weak enemies and melee kills with his Rising Knee in the Mercenaries section. A few typos in the Mercs section were fixed as well.

Eleventh Knockout [Uppercut] (6/22)

Added an "Immediate Rocket Launcher Blast While Aiming With Another Weapon" technique to the Advanced Basics section. This was also added to the section for Safari Chris under the Mercenaries section and the Versus section. Big thanks to BossVirgo (Leon) for telling me about this little exploit.

All names in the Mercenaries section were reversed, so instead of "Chris BSAA", I now have the more common "BSAA Chris" in its place... I'm sure that drove all of you up the wall, didn't it? The Mercs section for Ship Deck now has a Duo Walkthrough based on Dark Dreamer RD/Dreamer RD's and my stage approach when we play Mercs together. Some videos have been added for BSAA Chris, BSAA Jill and Battle Suit Jill.

Twelfth Knockout [Back Hand] (6/26)

Cleaned up the Public Assembly portion of the walkthrough a bit. Need to look at Shanty Town now. Both stages are demo remnants so those two chapter segments will always be tons more in depth than other stages. Added Cutscene button taps to the Professional mode section. The Egg Hunt trophy/achievement was updated a bit with a new way to obtain it. The Professional mode walkthrough was updated a bit and made into a separate guide. Slashing the final boss is possible and the method for doing so is listed now thanks to a reader.

Updated the maps for Ancient Ruins and Experimental Facility. All Licker spawn points are now listed on the Experimental Facility maps and the Ancients Ruins maps now have a title like the rest. A new duo strategy for Experimental Facility was added. It will most likely give players a higher score, but it's very dangerous. There is also a new Duo strategy for the Prison.

Also added a new melee kill method for the yellow outfit Gatling Gun Majini for STARS Chris. A new melee combination for Midnight Wesker was added and the importance of the handgun when dealing with Wetland Majini for BSAA Sheva and BSAA Jill was mentioned.

Thirteenth Knockout [Straight Punch] (6/30)

Updates the mention of using electrice rounds on the locked double doors in Shanty Town for the S-rank and Pro mode guides. A mention of how the jeep's health recharges before the Ndesu fight was added and a mention of how to zoom the camera in and out during the Ndesu fight was added to the normal mode walkthrough section.

New Mercs duo strategies for The Mines and the Village were added. Updated some details of BSAA Chris' Uppecut melee kill a bit and added some more details about Majini with cocktails and dynamite to each of the Wesker Midnight and STARS Chris team mentions under both characters. Every Chris type now has a mention of his Stomp head crush on undamaged fallen Majini.

Fourteenth Knockout [Hook] (7/3)

Added a mention of the Fireworks trophy/achievement in Shanty Town and in the Mining Area in the main walkthrough. Added several videos for BSAA Chris and BSAA Jill and one video for Tribal Sheva and Midnight Wesker. Videos for each character will follow eventually. If you play well with a certain character and would like me to post up the url to your video then let me know. I'd prefer them to be solo for now.

Fifteenth Knockout [Uppercut] (7/10)

Added a section for S-rank Professional Videos by Sairento27/Silent_Zone7 in the Professional Mode guide.

In the Mercs section, info about killing a chicken with Wesker's dash was added to his section. Leaderboards info for the PS3 version is now in the basics section. Leaderboard info for the Xbox 360 version will follow next week. Also added an extra question to the FAQ section. More videos by SeitengrateZero were added as well. There is one for BSAA Chris in Missile Area and one for Midnight Wesker in the Village.

Sixteenth Knockout [Uppercut] (7/17)

All character's partner assist melee attacks were renamed to match the actual in-game name displayed on the command in Survivors while performing a partner assist melee attack on an enemy player. Information about extra dialogue between Chris and Sheva at the Civilian Checkpoint was added to chapter 1-1. Added a mention of how Popokarimu can knock a player off the side of the mountain during the chapter 2-2 boss fight.

Updated several sections of the Mercs guide. STARS Chris' and Tribal Sheva's sections were updated with a method to obtain melee kills on frozen Lickers. STARS Chris' section was also updated in a few other areas such as a mention of how it can be hard to obtain leg stuns or ground enemies with his SIG 556, especially on Base Majini. Electric round and flash round melee kill setups were also added to the STARS Chris section. A mention of spike traps was added to the Village stage section. The Mercs tips section was also categorized since the tips were beginning to get a bit too numerous for an uncategorized list.

A separate beginning strategy was added to the Mines section for the Duo Walkthrough for Player 2. Several videos were added to various characters section under Mercs. Each character now has at least one video except for BSAA Sheva. Extra tips were added the Melee tips section.

In the professional mode section, a mention of using eggs instead of herbs and first aid sprays was added to the tips section. The walkthrough section was cleaned up a bit as well based on some random reading of it while attempting to beat Veteran mode on the Xbox 360 version. Yeah, I still haven't finished everything for the main game on the Xbox 360 version yet. Too many Mercs games... ;D

Seventeenth Knockout [Hook] (7/24)

Added information about each weapon to the Professional guide. Leaderboards for Xbox LIVE are now up in the Mercs section. Added several extra tips as well. New vides are added to the each character section and there are also a few duo videos under some stage sections (Public Assembly, Ship Deck, Prison).

Eighteenth Knockout [Hook] (7/31)

Videos for Safari Chris in Public Assembly, STARS Chris in Public Assembly, BSAA Chris on Ship Deck and Midnight Wesker in Ancient Ruins were all added under the videos section for each character. Big thanks to xUmbrellaCo, Dreamer RD and Seitengrate for those! Also the leaderboards for the Xbox 360 and PS3 version were captured on video thanks to Seitengrate and the url for those can be found in the Leaderboards portion of the Mercs basics. Several new tips were added to the Mercs section as well.

Nineteenth Knockout [Straight Punch] (8/7)

A glitch that deals with a disappearing Majini was added to the Back Alley section of Chapter 1-1 (near the dog carcass) - been meaning to add this for a while. A tip about tossing hand grenades at the Giant Majini near the sky emblem was added, a tip about standing on the platform in chapter 4-2 while a partner solves the puzzle was added and a tip about shooting Licker through the small opening near the ceiling in chapter 5-1 was added.

Videos for Midnight Wesker in Village (Dreamer RD), STARS Wesker in Public Assembly (BigKahoona22) and BSAA Chris in Prison (SeitengrateZero) were added to the Mercs section. New updated leaderboard info for both consoles from SeitengrateZero were added as well. Also added an easier method for defeating the Reaper in The Mines section thanks to bobo273 on youtube.

Also added information about using STARS Wesker in Experimental Facility and information about the bad head stun hit detection for a Base Majini in Experimental Facility. Added notes about the bad Base Majini head stun hit detection in Ex Facility and also added information about a time glitch after hitting the first time bonus in Ex Facillity. A new incendiary grenade + dash melee kill was added to the STARS Wesker secton - keep forgetting to add this. Information about knife slashing a weak Majini's legs with BSAA Chris and STARS Wesker was added to their melee kill sections. A few new tips were added here and there as well.

Added a url link to Frinkie's Fresh Professional mode guide in the Pro mode walkthrough section. Be sure to take a look at it on GameFAQs!

Also, be sure to check out the new RE5 Mercs forum right here.

Twentieth Knockout [Kick] (8/14)

All Mercs updates!

Added Midnight Wesker videos for Prison by Dreamer RD and ROGERROCKMORE and added a Tribal Sheva video for Public Assembly by Matreezaz. Added some extra tips to the tips section. Made some changes to the STARS Wesker section regarding the discarding of his weapons. Added a Big Man Majini melee kill combination for STARS Wesker. Xbox 360 Leaderboard update videos are now linked to in the Leaderboards section for 8/13/09 thanks to SeitengrateZero.

Twenty-first Knockout [Hook] (8/21)

Added a mention of a glitch where a person can walk through the background in the Train Station portion of chapter 2-2 - check that section. There is also a video that shows off the glitch in its listing. Added a link to a video that showcases all of the BSAA emblem locations and I went through and set up the list to match the video by listing the exact minute in the video in which each BSAA emblem can be found. Big thanks to Big Kahoona 22 for doing this video for me! Also added a tip for avoiding the Licker fight in the hallway of Chapter 5-2.

Added Mercs PS3 leaderboard videos for 8/14/09 thanks to ROGERROCKMORE. Added new duo videos for Missile Area and Ship Deck. A duo strategy is now up in the Missile Area section. I only have the duo version of Ancient Ruins to go then I might go back and redo a few duo and solo walkthroughs. New tips were also added to the Mercs tips section.

Twenty-second Knockout [Kick] (8/28)

Added Mercs PS3 leaderboard videos for 8/24/09 thanks to ROGERROCKMORE. Several more tips were added to the Mercs tips section. A new red chainsaw Majini melee kill is listed for Midnight Wesker. More melee kills were added to each Chris section for the Gatling Gun Majini. The Missile Area duo strategy was changed a bit.

Twenty-third Knockout [Kick] (9/11)

Yeah, I was lazy and didn't update last week. I know, I know. A video that shows the Diamond (Pear) location in chapter 2-1 is now in the walkthrough. Added new Mercs leaderboard video links for PS3 and Xbox 360. Also added links to the rest of Seitengrates SS-rank BSAA Sheva runs. There is also a new STARS Chris solo play video by Big Kahoona 22 in the STARS Chris section. Be sure to check that out! A new Ship Deck solo video by Dreamer RD is linked to in the Midnight Wesker section. New Missile Area and Village videos by Big Kahoona 22 are now in the Missile Area and Village sections as well.

Twenty-fourth Knockout [Kick] (9/24)

Added a few Safari Chris solo videos from and a Mines and Village solo Midnight Wesker run by Big Kahoona 22. A few extra tips were added for Mercs.


Lev said...

Haha, I love what you just did there, Berserker. Congrats on the newest version of your guide "Haymaker".

"Was it all worth writing for?" *smile*.

Let's play RE5 some time.

Haoran (Lev)

Brian said...


I'm gonna feel that in the morning. Congrats on one hell of a suplex of a guide. There's enough information in there to lariat my brain and pile drive it to the ground! /lame zangief jokes

Still, good job man :O Your commitment continues to stun me. Some would call that obsession, but isn't commitment just that but with work involved? :D

Berserker said...

Is is Haoran or Lev? :p

I would have played with you today, but I was busy with the some more stuff for the guide. When I woke up this morning, I looked at the treasure section and couldn't stand it, so I redid a bunch of it. I took out the bulky treasure boxes from the "treasure by chapter" section. It looks much better now. I also found out that I was missing a treasure, so it was worth it to go back through it.

I guess I shouldn't mention that I have the old RE5 trailers playing as background noise while I add to my RE5 FAQ. I actually get involved in them still...

Yeah, it's just... commitment. Nothing obsessive about it. :)

Have you two heard the mention about a possible RE5 Wii port? There is a story up about a mention of it from a person at Capcom. It's very brief. I'd still buy it like the little tool I am, but after Dead Rising for Wii, my expectations would be extremely low.

Lev said...

It's Haoran. Lev is my nickname. :)

Yeah, I read about it on THIA...I doubt the Wii could ever run RE5. Besides, if they'd tweak RE5 in such way it WOULD run on the Wii, the Xbox360 and PS3 versions will be superior anyway.

I don't mind having the upcoming PC version of RE5 though. RE5 will look even better than it already has! I'm just a bit worried about the controls. Many people say RE4's controls on the PC was horrible (didn't play it on the PC) while I found DMC4 PC to be pretty playable. We'll find out soon enough. Everyone will. (Slated for June/July).

Berserker said...

Since I made up a gimmicky version name, why not make up gimmicky update names too!

Kick = Extremely minor update
Hook = Minor update
Straight Punch = Moderate update
Uppercut = Big update
Back Hand = Major update

I'll call you "Lev" then. I'd probably pronounce your name wrong, like I think I was with Brian's last name for a while. :p

Anyway, nice RE5 pun there, Lev.

Wesker: "You're getting better!"

If they do something for Wii that is RE5 related, they should really make up some sort of side story so it would be a new game instead of trying to water down RE5... of course I'd rather have downloadable content for the existing versions instead of a Wii game. :p

Regarding the PC version, I hope Capcom allows PC players to play games with the one of the other console versions like they did with Lost Planet: Colonies. That would be fantastic to keep the player pool alive.

Anyway, I'll probably be on Xbox LIVE more this week. Hope to see you two on there. I'm sure I can spare more than 7 minutes to play with each of you.

Lev said...

Yeah, you probably would. I'm used to it though. People rarely have pronounced my name correctly if it's the first time. But Lev is fine. :) (Though you could try, if you have a microphone, I've always wondered what my name would sound like when it's Americanized LOL.)

Did you know Chris Svensson is going send Takeuchi suggestions for the (possible) future DLC? Here's the link:

Capcom also has requested people to suggest character costumes based on Capcom franchises (you've probably read about that on THIA) (Chris Tribal *hopes XD*)

I agree with you about having the ability to cross link between PC and console users.

There is no way outta here this time, Kevin!

Brian said...

Hah, the bigger question is whether or not I even spend time on my 360 at all this week. I'm so overloaded on work that I don't even have time to hang out with friends that came over from out of town :/

I do have one question though... No Leon suplex love in those updates?

Oh, and Kev, I've come to the conclusion that there is no real way to mispronounce a name, because that's just unfair to everyone else :P There's just better or worse tries at saying it right.

Berserker said...

Nah, I want the update types all RE5 related. :)

I would absolutely love to have more DLC for RE5. I think it would be a good idea for Capcom to release some more around the time of the PC release, to build some more hype around the console versions.

I think it would be best to have more Mercs characters with different weapon types. Being limited to certain weapon types is what makes that mode fun to me. New characters for both Versus and Mercs would be great. I'd lap that up in a second.

Taken from the thread:

Make Spencer playable in Mercenaries, I think it would be sweet to run Majini over in a wheelchair.Pure win.

Chris Tribal would be awesome and so would a Chris CV outfit. Another Chris ninja outfit like in RE:DS? :D A Rambo type Chris would be cool as well. He could have camoflauge pants and a bullet strap across his torso.

I usually have some pretty good attempts at saying a person's name right. I try to be very careful. :p

By the way, Lev, could you help me find some Mercs videos like what I mention in the update for today? I want to find videos of gamers using melee kills to their advantage per character. I mainly want Chris and Sheva videos for now. I'm sure Jill and Wesker are pretty easy to find on youtube. Wesker STARS might be a bit tricky though.

Berserker said...

By the way, that "Pure win." above is supposed to be a few lines below the italics sentence. Why does Blogger refuse to space some of my sentences correctly sometimes?

Poor performance indeed, Blogger.

Lev said...

I've read through the Chris characters in your mercenaries section of the guide but I can't find a Youtube link of Chris BSAA anywhere. Are you sure you posted a video?

As for the videos with melee exploiting; I'll try and search for them (I have a feeling Sheva's gonna be a pain in the ass to search for lol).

Berserker said...

GameFAQs hasn't updated their site yet. Haha. I list the updates here before they update their site. It should be up later today. Sorry about that, Lev.

Here's the links for Chris BSAA:

- Part 1

- Part 2

Those two videos are absolutely perfect. That's exactly the way that I play with Chris BSAA.

He's got one for Jill also, but I haven't gotten around to her yet so I haven't bothered to view it. Wesker Midnight and any Jill type should be easy to find on Youtube.

Sheva is VERY limited in melee kills. Sheva BSAA is pretty fun to play with when going for melee kills but Sheva Clubbin' is a total mess with her powerful AK.

I still haven't tried it yet, but I bet a few shots to the body and a head stun then melee would work well for Sheva Clubbin' if you can get the right aim with her AK.

A person over PSN opened my eyes to how effective a head stun after a certain amount of damage can be with machine gun users. The best part about it is that a head stun is guaranteed if you don't get a critical or accidentally kill off a Majini unlike a leg stun, which you have the chance of missing while the Majini is damaged.

Of course with Jill Battle Suit and Sheva BSAA, a their high critical rate screws it up for them.

Lev said...

Don't worry about it. I'll check those videos tomorrow and try to find some more vids that are like it.

'Aside from that, there is something new.' Did you see the latest update from THIA yet? They posted a website with technical data on RE5 PC version. While the text is Japanese, you can see some screenshots that'll give you a clear view of what's it going to be like. Ohh, I want it.

Berserker said...

Yeah, I just had a look over that. Some of the facial videos are quite freaky. :P

I doubt I'll be picking that version up. DMC4 didn't run well on my PC and I'm sure RE5 would look even worse.

If you buy it, I'd like to get the default controls list from you along with any differences, though I'm not expecting any this time aside from improved visuals.

Berserker said...

I did run across one Sheva duo video on youtube that I'm thinking about adding. It's kind of hard to melee kill with her anyway so I might add it next update.

I'm going to try to have a seperate Mercs guide by the end of the week. It will be composed of all the same uber detail Mercs info that is in the normal guide, but it will be... a hell of a lot less smaller and hopefully more readable for the Mercs gamers. :D

I just hope GameFAQs will accept it after my efforts. It's annoying to spend a bunch of time with something only to have it rejected in a few seconds. Here's hoping.

I might divide the rest into smaller guides as well. I have a feeling that this guide may be too big for some to bother with.

xUmbrellaCo said...
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xUmbrellaCo said...

Good luck with that Berserker!:D

Berserker said...

Wow, my weekend is so set for celebration. Why?

1) GameFAQs accepted my RE5 Mercs guide.

2) The main RE5 guide is now labeled as version "Chris Haymaker" on GameFAQs. :P

3) There are now three starred guides for RE5 on GameFAQs. I wanted stars and my readers gave me stars... well, ok a star.

Ah, this is so fantastic. Noogies for everyone! *gives Brian, Lev and UmbrellaCo noogies* xD

Lev said...

Noo, my hair! You'll pay for that!

But congrats, Kevin! Your commitment pays off.

My weekend starts with a shitload of work for university. I want my summer break!

xUmbrellaCo said...

"Good preformance indeed":D oh I want my Summer break too >,<" it starts>25/06!!!

Berserker said...

I suppose I should thank you two!


The star on GameFAQs has motived me to add one more section to the guide that I've been thinking about. I spent the entire weekend working on it and it should be done by tomorrow.

That will basically wrap up everything for the main game aside from additional co-op details that I find while playing alongside friends.

Berserker said...

Wow, I didn't even get around to posting the update info here on my blog yesterday. The majority of the day was spent playing RE5 without my laptop next to me. It felt... different since it has been next to me while playing for the past three months.

Anyway, tons of more Mercs info will be added, most likely by the end of the week. Thanks to online games with random people and friends, I'm more clearly understanding how to approach each stage.

I don't think I'll ever figure out Missile Area and all of its enemy spawn problems though. :(

Berserker said...

Ah, didn't even update my blog for Friday's update.

I'm getting some very impressive scores on Mercs now thanks to a new friend that I've met over Xbox LIVE. He uses Midnight Wesker and has some real good stage approaches. I'm now the top STARS Chris player on a few of the Duo leaderboards on Xbox LIVE thanks to games with him.

He's the one that dubbed me the STARS Chris player that talks so much. :P

Berserker said...

Awwww, where has my audience of three people gone to? Shame on you three for having lives! xD

Thanks to a Midnight Wesker player on Xbox LIVE I have now managed to get 751K with STARS Chris on Duo Public Assembly. We killed off all 150 in a chain and melee killed the majority of them. The other player is amazing at keeping a chain going.

I wonder if I could actually break 800K with STARS Chris with the help of a M. Wesker player...? Could that even be possible for STARS Chris?

xUmbrellaCo said...

Lol I'm still here! me and my partner killed 150 in a chain but we only got 480K this is unfair!!! how do you explain this? I also recorded that match I'll post it this week have a look at it ;D

Lev said...

I'm still here too! Just a bit busy with college. One week left!

Regarding that score...Man, I'm gonna have a hard time beating that, won't I? xD I never bothered with the spawn positions, so I'm probably not gonna pull of a 150 chain anytime soon. Time to play some RE5 again, been addicted to the Nintendo DS a bit too much lately.

Hope to catch you online (once again, keep up the hope? :p)

Berserker said...

Aw, has Brian left me? :P Just kidding. I know you're busy. :)

Code I on my friends list and I have a very solid way of achieving a 150 chain on Public Assembly. We yell out "Go!" to each other whenever there are no nearby enemies in our location. It works very well. He an I don't mind restarts if a chain is messed up, so that helps out a lot too.

UmbrellaCo, one thing that I think would help you out more is to be more aggressive with melee kills. You sometimes get too trigger happy. And stay away from explosives. :P

Lev, I think you use Midnight Wesker, so we will make a great team. I love setting up melee kills for a Midnight Wesker player with flash rounds. =D

xUmbrellaCo said...

Roger that! no more explosives:P

Berserker said...

I could have sworn that I saw you sneak in a hand grenade or two a few hours ago. ;)

Lev said...

She threw them towards a guy named Kevin. I dunno who that is.

Berserker said...

Lev, don't you start giving her more ideas. We still shock each other with transformers from the old demo days, so I'm sure she'll be doing that now too.

I'll have to bring out some flame rounds on you when we play just for that. =p

xUmbrellaCo said...
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xUmbrellaCo said...

Here Comes my new video ;D
Part 1

Part 2

Berserker said...

You could not have ended that video in any better way. That is a hilarious ending. =D

The main things that I like about the video are how you are using hand grenades for distant kills to keep the chain going. That's pretty smart. Also, toward the end, you have a good showcase of how the shotgun can also be used to set up melee kills for when you run out of handgun ammo.

Pretty good run altogether. :)

Lev said...

Kevin! Check this out. I don't know if you have written it in your FAQ already, but there is a secret dialogue in chapter 1-1. It happens when you wait for about 2 mins without passing a checkpoint and without moving.

Cool. It gives (more)character to Chris, in my opinion.

Berserker said...

Thanks for that, Lev. I think I've gotten that dialogue before, but I need to include that mention in the guide. I think you can move around the area though, just so long as neither character moves to the cutscene triggering point.

You know, regarding tips and extras, I hear that a detailed selection of them leaves the author's guide stronger and better!


(Yuck, yuck)

Lev said...

Resident Evil 5 PC information has exploded! It'll include new costumes and new maps for mercenaries! Check out THIA.

Berserker said...

Wow, that's great. I had a feeling that Capcom might do that with how long it was taking them for the PC version.

I sure hope that they release at least the costumes and Mercs maps for the consoles. I sort of have this feeling that they won't, but here's hoping. There's still a very dedicated crowd of loyal fans that would like to see more on the console versions.

They really should have a Frank West outfit for Chris. :P

Berserker said...

By the way, about the extra dialogue at the beginning, all you have to do is stay in that area for two minutes. You don't have to stand in place or anything.

Just so long as the cutscene past the first group of townspeople is not activated, the dialogue will occur after two minutes, no matter if Chris and Sheva are together or not.

Thanks for pointing that out to me.

xUmbrellaCo said...

BERSERKER!!!!!! Check Chris and Sheva new Customes!!!! Oh my god they look coooool here's the link:;img;1

Berserker said...

Yeah, I've already seen them. Road warrior Chris, FTW!

Even though I'd really like to, I don't think I'll be able to get the PC version. Too much expense involved on my end. We'll see though.

Lev said...

Even if you can't, I'll provide as much as information regarding the new content, if you want.

I'm planning to capture everything as well with Fraps. :D

Berserker said...

That would be great, Lev. I could have used someone like you around the time when DMC4 released on PC.

From the get go, I would want the list of controls and how to unlock the PC exclusive extras.

Could you type out a walkthrough for the new Mercs stage as well? Oh, and I want details, Lev - spawn points, routes, and strategies.

Just messing with you. xD

Brian said...

Hey guys, good to see the RE5 torch flying :) Those costumes look pretty cool... Kev, you forgot the item lists and maps that need to be done too!

Sorry for the lack of activity too, I've got a ton of projects (one of which will be a web-based game!) and BlazBlue has my attention 90%

Berserker said...

Good to see you back, Bri.

Yeah, that's some other things too, Lev. And be sure to make the your maps look just as horrible as my current crappy maps to keep everything coherent.

Lev said...

Oh sure Kevin, I'll type an extensive walkthrough of the new merc...Wait, what? I'm not sure if you've got the right person here, haha. I bet I'm real crap at making maps...

Anyway, I've been playing Trine lately and uploading my vids on Youtube. I plan to do the same thing with Resident Evil 5 and other games that I have an interest in.

Lev said...

Yoho. I was able to rip some stuff from the benchmark tool with the help of some guys over at Xentax (a file archiving/extracting community). While I didn't rip everything, I found some good stuff (including the backgrounds). They can be found here: As you can see, there are maps as well, so when the full game comes out, it'd be ideal to rip all of those as well. :o

Berserker said...

Lev, if you could ever rip all of the maps for the game from the PC version when it releases so that I could link to them in my guide... you... you'd be my hero!

Also, you could record a Professional mode run for me if you'd like. The run doesn't have to be perfect, just play normally.

BTW, those backgrounds could make some good wallpapers!

xUmbrellaCo said...

Thanks Kevin! :P I'll try my best to record more good solo videos, but I have a question are you going to make a Versus guide? :P

sephirosuy said...

It's been awhile, and you're still updating your RE5 guide. it would going to be the ultimate RE5 guide in the world ya? XD

Lev said...

Oh crap. I forgot to tell you about the speech files! Someone over at Capcom Unity ripped some speech files and I made a transcript of it. Quite a few files weren't used in the retail game. Check it out.

Brian said...

That's pretty generous of the them... Hopefully Capcom doesn't throw the law down on 'em :/

BTW Kev, I couldn't help but notice that you haven't maxed out on achievements yet? How's that possible!? :X

Lev said...

Y'know Brian, I said the exact same thing. He's too addicted to Mercenaries!

Berserker said...

You guys act like I don't care for Mercsident Evil on Xbox 360.

I love it... WAY too much. xD

I basically stopped with the achievements once Mercs was unlocked. I have all main game trophies for PS3... just not all Versus trophies.

Vitória said...

Hey, Berserker! I've used about five of your FAQs (all excellent, btw) and this post makes me want to buy RE5 STAT!

One question, though: No love for nintendo? I'd love to read a nintendo FAQ written by you!

Berserker said...

Thanks for posting.

I've written a few Nintendo console FAQs. I've got one for RE:UC and Far Cry Vengeance, and also one for Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble for DS.

I'll most likely have a future Wii FAQ later this year. If you've been keeping up with the upcoming games list, then I'm sure you know which game. I can't wait to revisit Rockfort Island. =D

Lev said...

I see two dead people rising...

Heh, never played it before. Perhaps I should give it a try. What's up y'all? Enjoying Dissidia Final Fantasy right now. ;)

Berserker said...

I see two dead people rising...

What do you mean by that, Lev? :)

I'm actually about to start on a new game soon... in between my breaks from RE5 Mercs. It's a survival horror for Wii named "Cursed Mountain".

Lev said...

D'oh, I totally missed the Rockfort island part. I was thinking about Dead Rising 2; but you were talking about Darkside Chronicles. :p

EsmeO said...

Guess who's back??? :) I've missed you RE buddy! I've been gone for quite sometime (3 months to be exact) but I'm so glad to see you didn't delete me from your friends list (I say this because a lot of people did)! Oh, I see your FAQ is the largest at GameFAQ's, not surprising at all! Keep up the great work there, I hope to see you online soon!

Berserker said...

Hey Esme. Yeah, I was wondering where you had been. It's been quite a while! Nah, I'd never delete you. :)

Brian said...

Dude! Let me know what you think of Cursed Mountain. It's on my list of possibles :)

Berserker said...

Hey Brian.

There you go.

It's an ok playthrough, but you'll likely never want to return to it again. The first half is slow but it picks up about halfway through. Excellent cutscene presentation!

Lev said...

Hey Kevin,

I've been able to try out the PC version of RE5 and it looks gorgeous. The controls are really, REALLY intuitive. It seems that the ripping software I've used still works for the full game. So my question is, what would you like to have regarding the PC version?

Berserker said...

What all can you rip? I'd love to have a collection of the in-game maps. Mercs maps?

Has Mercs mode changed any? Are there any new characters or stages? I know about the No Mercy mode already and the extra outfits for the main game of course.

Sentox said...

Man, I haven't been here in so long. I think it's partly because I skipped RE5 by, but no longer.

As you know, I was slightly disappointed by certain aspects of the game, but the lure of mouse and keyboard controls was too much to pass by. So it's currently installing. It doesn't seem very friendly with my optical drive right not, but I'm sure it'll get there :P

Sentox said...

So after playing in coop for a bit (with my friend dying a lot; his RE experience is a little less than mine, lol) I've got a few thoughts.

As promised, it's exactly the same game. The graphics do benefit from having a bit more grunt (I have a small monitor, so I'm running maxed comfortably at 1440x810), but the mouse control is the main attraction. Shooting is a whole lot quicker and easier, and probably does alleviate difficulty somewhat. Honestly, the nicest thing is mouse control works GUI-style when you pull up the inventory, and you can quick-equip with a right click. Makes a big, big difference in the heat of battle.

So for about half the retail price of the console version in NZ, I'm quite a happy guy. It's still not quite RE4, but on the flipside coop is nice. I'm looking forward to unlocking mercenaries, at any rate.

Brian said...

Wow, RC for quick menu? That's going to be pretty nuts for Mercs :O

And nice review on Cursed Mountain Kevin :D I will put it on my to-buy list, though I may wait for a price drop before picking it up. Have you had a chance to play Muramasa: The Demon Blade yet? I dunno if you played Odin Sphere (the last game I worked on at Atlus ::fist pump::) but it's just as beautiful with a better combat system. I highly recommend it when not Mercidenting :P

Sentox said...

Yes indeed. Although providing your memory works ok, the inventory is mapped to the number keys in this fashion:


So it's one up on the d-pad in that sense. Even the little things are present, like drag-and-drop to combine items. It's an excellent port for sure.

Brian said...

Score one for doing multiplatform right I guess :P

Oh, and Kevin, I watched a couple of those videos on yer youtube channel. I am thoroughly intimidated :P

EsmeO said...

I had actually left for Army basic training for the summer, hence my absence :-X Fun times... Away from my beloved PS3! I seem to always miss you when you're on, don't get on at the same times anymore lol What new games have you been exploring lately? Since I recently came back I'm trying to finish my old games, but my friend bought me Marvel UA 2.

Sentox said...

The combination of BSAA Jill's pistol and mouse aiming is good for a laugh, I can tell you. It's like a magic wand of death that pops enemy heads at will XD

Berserker said...

Nah, no Demon Blade. I find it hard to move away from RE5 still. The quick switch inventory for PC sounds awesome.

I noticed that an RE5: Alternative Edition was announced for PS3 within the past few days. I've read it will have some bonus content and make use of Sony's motion controls.

Hope to see you online sometimes Esme.

Lev said...

As far as I know, I'm able to rip most images from the game, including the maps. It's gonna take a while though, as it's very tedious work.

Nothing has changed regarding mercenaries mode, no new characters or stages. You already saw No Mercy mode. ;)

At the moment, I'm uploading the cutscenes with the ENB mod, that changes the color pallette. I might upload more cutscenes with the new costumes as well. Future uploads will be a playthrough (professional, probably) and mercenaries/no mercy.

Oh, not to forget about RE5 Alternate Edition. I can't wait to actually re-play the flashback with Chris and Jill!

Brian said...

I dunno if you followed up on Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Kev, but it's the only import game I have... and it's coming to the US with 4 new characters! They only announced two so far, Tekkaman Blade/Teknoman, and:

FRANK WEST! Still waiting on Dante/Zero but who cares, we can throw shopping carts in a fighting game!

Berserker said...

Very nice RE5 videos on your youtube page so far, Lev. ;)

Brian, you've basically sold Tatsunoko vs Capcom for me now by posting that. I can't wait for my team of Frank West and Viewtiful Joe to dominate! xD

Brian said...

Hey Kev,

Long time no speak :D Did you ever get NG Sigma 2? I'd like to know if the additional content is worth the purchase :)

Brian said...

Ah, well, never mind. It was on sale so I figured I'd pick it up anyway. I'll be online on the PS3 a bit more often now, if you're up for co-op missions :D

Berserker said...

Hey Brian.

Yeah, I picked it up when up NGS2 when it was first released. The extras seem much better than the ones found in the original NGS from what I've seen so far. Still haven't beaten it yet at the moment.

And sure, we can do co-op anytime. I still haven't even tried it out.

Lev said...

Hey Kevin,

Long time no see. How have you been?

I'm sorry that I haven't provided you the maps yet. To be honest, I haven't even started yet. College and the latest FPS-RPG game Borderlands (awesome!) has been keeping me busy.

A new tool that rips all of the files immediately was released some time ago and I'll be trying that one in the near future.


Berserker said...

It's cool, Lev. I haven't even updated the RE5 guide in close to a month now.

I was woking on it yesterday a bit though. I play the game more than I write about it now. xD

Just got Dead Space Extraction. Need to get through this before RE: Darkside Chronciles releases in a few weeks.