Friday, April 10, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Guide

It's going to be like a dropkick to the face, I assure you.

Resident Evil 5 FAQ by Berserker

It's late, it's late, I know, but as I've said before with another FAQ: Killing slow is the way I conquer. Make sure to check out the intro. I think the last sentence says it all. And it's so very true. I've never anticipated a game so highly. Ever.

The guide is still in incomplete form at the moment. Sure I could label it complete and get more views and attention on GameFAQs but, when it has the full circle, I want it to be more than just a dropkick... I'm going for a shotgun stinger and it's going to dethrone a certain other FAQ of mine as the largest and most in-depth FAQ I've done. It's so close to being bigger than FFXII right now, and it will be in due time. A bunch of things will change before its completion.

Just the walkthrough portion alone took me three weeks. I've spent a total of about 3 - 4 days on the rest of the guide. In a way, I rushed through it to get something up while the game was still new, but now I'll spend time fixing some of the rush job.

Big thanks again to all the people that helped me or provided some type of support. Without it, there's no way I could have come this far with RE5. There were times when I had my doubts, but a friend would eventually show up to give me the extra little push with the slightest words of support, whether that person knew it or not.

Now, I'll spend the rest of my time making the following statement a reality:

...this RE5 guide is going to blow everything else that I've done up until now out of the water.

Hey, you know I always keep my promises.

Update (4/13)

And so it begins. The first in the line of many updates to come. Here's what's new.

Proofread up to chapter 4-1; several error were corrected and I'm sure several still remain. Added quite a bit to the chapter 5-3 boss section including the function of Chris' Entreat command and many other moves and extras for both boss fights. Chris (BSAA) and Wesker (Midnight) sections were filled out under The Mercenaries.

The Chris BSAA melee strategy with his handgun has caused me to get a 320,000 score with a fellow online gamer! I was trying things yesterday and stumbled across the handgun technique with him.

Update (4/14)

Final Fantasy XII FAQ by Berserker= 1444 KB
Resident Evil 5 FAQ by Berserker = 1427 KB

Proofread some of Chapter 4-1... meh, not enough to mention. Added Chris (Safari) and Sheva (Clubbin') sections under The Mercenaries sections. The rest should be done by this week's end.

Update (4/15)

On this day of April 15, 2009, this Resident Evil 5 guide is now my biggest FAQ yet and I couldn't be happier! I never really intended for it to outdo my Final Fantasy XII guide in length when I originally started. That "blowing everything else out of the water" phrase was really only meant to mirror my thoughts toward making it good at that time. This is just... fantastic! :D

Proofread some more of Chapter 4-1. Added a Jill BSAA and Jill Battle Suit section under The Mercenaries section. Updated/Corrected Wesker's dash move with some very interesting finds.

Wesker players should really check out the new details under Wesker's dash. I was performing constant dashes yesterday while playing alongside a fried over PSN, and it was quite a showcase with two players that know how it works since the partner can get a tag team attack off a Majini that has been hit with two dashes.

Here's an example of the way the dash can be controlled for those that don't know how to control it well:

The full controls are now listed (and corrected) in the guide.

Update (4/16)

Added Sheva (BSAA) and Wesker (S.T.A.R.S.) to the Mercenaries section. Some tips for Mercs were added and I also started filling in character partner commands, character assist commands and character responses for each character as well. Sheva (Tribal) will be up tomorrow and I'll get to work on other sections.

Update (4/17)

Sheva (Tribal) is now in the Mercs section, which brings an end to the Mercs character strategies (though I might go back and add some enemy strats for each character at a later date and, of course, I'll add info on new findings). I'm still deciding on the setup for Mercs stages at the moment, so for the next update I'll probably be working on the Weapons or Enemies section. Versus information will come in time.

Character responses for each character were also added to the Mercs section, though I'm still lacking Jill's critical headshot responses at the moment, which will be added over the weekend. A trick for gaining the magnum in chapter 3-1 without setting off the trap is now included in that section as well. Also added a Ruby (Square) location for Chapter 3-2 near the entrance to the oil field refinery after passing the camp with the Tricell tents.

Update (4/20)

Added a few notes about the Chainsaw Majini and his berserk mode in Chapter 3-2. A new Jewel Beetle location was added to Chapter 3-2 at the Oil Field - Refinery and two new Jewel Bangle locations were added for Chapter 3-2.

The weapons section is now done for the most part and a good chunk of the enemies section is now done. The "About Me" section was updated a bit as well. I'd say about a good 70+KB was added to this guide over the weekend. Yeah, that feels about right.

Update (4/21)

Proofread Chapter 5-1. Enemies section has been basically finished. Still needs a bit of work though with a few details as does the weapons section.

Update (4/22)

Added the Public Assembly stage to The Mercenaries section. Updated The Mercenaries section a bit as well. Added a quote to both the intro and the About Me section. The quote in the About Me section is actually a quote that I got while playing online with a fellow gamer in the RE5 demo. It still sticks in my mind.

This FAQ is now labeled as complete on GameFAQs since I would most likely never label it as such at the rate that I'm going. I've still got the rest of the Mercs stages and Versus and possibly Professional to cover... and I will probably think of something else after that.

Nothing is too complete for Resident Evil 5. Nothing.

Update (4/23)

Added The Mines stage to The Mercenaries section. Maps for Public Assembly were edited slightly with details on items. Made a few corrections in the Basics section as well; I'm going to reformat and edit the Basics section eventually... too many demo remnants.

Update (4/24)

The Infinite Rocket Launcher and many other unlockables are now listed under the "Unlockables - Main Game" sections under Lists. Added "Sway Backward" up under Wetland Majini exclusive actions in the Enemies section.

The Village stage is now up in the list of Mercenary stages.

Check out my Resident Evil 5 Versus review also!

Update (4/27)

Ancient Ruins is now up in the Mercs section. Proofread Chapter 5-2 over the weekend and made some pretty big adjustments and additions based off a Veteran mode playthrough for that chapter.

Experimental Facility and Missile Area should be arriving within the next few days along with the rest of the Mercs stages.

Update (4/28)

Experimental Facility is up in the Mercs section. Missile Area will be up tomorrow and the rest of the stages will come later in the week. Prison might take a bit longer than the previous.

Update (4/29)

Missile Area is now up in the Mercs section. I also completely redid the intro and moved some of the old intro to the special thanks section.

Update (4/30)

Ship Deck is now up in the Mercs section. There are also ranking tables at the beginning of each chapter in the walkthrough section along with a chapter ranking list in the Lists section.

Update (5/1)

Oh yeah! I didn't think I could do it all in one day, but Prison is now up and the Mercs section is now finished. Where shall we go next? Pro or Versus? I say Pro, myself... and myself agrees with me, so the majority wins and a Professional mode guide is coming next.

Update (5/4)

Professional Mode Walkthrough has now been started. Check below the Mercs section. Chapter 5-3 was proofread and a few things were added here and there... most notably a mention of using flash rounds and flash grenades against one of the Chapter 5-3 bosses.

Update (5/5)

Professional Mode Walkthrough is now up to Chapter 4-1. The Chapter 3-3 boss caused a slight delay. The little bastard...

Update (5/6)

Professional Mode Walkthrough is now up to Chapter 5-1. Proofread all of Chapter 6-1 in the main walkthrough and added a Topaz (Oval) location to Chapter 6-1 as well as corrected a treasure mention for that chapter. I had all of the Topaz's labeled as Topaz (Marquise) when they are in fact Topaz (Oval) for Chapter 6-1. Also added the Topaz (Oval) to the treasure list in both treasure sections.

Update (5/7)

Added a tip about how effective flame rounds are against Uroboros Mkono in Chapter 5-2. The Professional Mode walkthrough is now up to the boss fight in Chapter 5-3.

Update (5/8)

The Professional Mode walkthrough is now up to the first boss fight in Chapter 6-3.

Update (5/11)

The Professional Mode walkthrough is now complete. I SO want to just put at the top of this guide that it is fully complete, but a part of me still says that Versus has to be discussed, so until then...

I'm also thinking up some other kind of section to add at this very moment... Damn. These voices...

Update (5/12)

Started on the basics for Slayers for Versus mode. Survivors is coming soon. The Survivors portion will be much more detailed since Slayers is basically a four player Mercenaries.

Update (5/13)

Survivors basics added under Versus mode. More Survivors info to come later.

Update (5/14)

All Survivor weapons are now listed in full detail in the Versus section.

Update (5/15)

Added a few extra (and very interesting) bits to the Survivors sections under weapons. It turns out that all handguns and machine guns take off the same damage in Survivors when used against enemy players among other nice finds. Thanks so much silent_man if you're reading this!

Update (5/18)

A characters section is now up in the Versus section. This includes a character description for both Slayers and Survivors. Since I started playing the Xbox 360 version more this weekend, the walkthrough received a bit of updating such as trophy/achievement details being mentioned here and there for easier methods that I found to gain each accomplishment. There is more to come on this in a following update. Maps for Public Assembly were updated also. One (very obvious) spawn point was added to the list of spawn points for Public Assembly.

Also for anyone that happens to actually read all the updates that I place in this post, here's a very sweet pic from a friend that I have met online:

Thanks to Haoran for emailing me the pic and Dot50Cal from The Horror for the screen capture.

If you've bought the Resident Evil theme online, then you'll see ^that pic on your "Games Library" menu once you pull it up.

Update (5/20)

The Versus section is now complete for the most part. I'll go back and add a few things at a later date, but the overall framework for the way that I envisioned the section is now up. I've also started redoing and touching up the Basics section since the majority of it is basically from the RE5 demo FAQ, so it needs some more work to go along with the full game better.

Really the guide is now complete in a way, but there are still a few things that I'd like to add before deeming it as such at the top of this guide.


Brian said...

Awesome, just awesome buddy :D For the day I muster the desire to go through and get all the emblems, etc, I will be printing out your guide in the full. I'm glad you kept up the checklist as well. It's a nice, clean way to keep track of things and, even better for me, makes it easy for those that just want a checklist after having played through the game X times.

Big ups for all the Mercenaries talk. I highly suggest you republishing it as a sub-guide (if gfaqs lets you -- I dunno the rules), because there's enough info in there for it, I think. This may just be making even more work for you but putting together some teams/combinations would really cool (easy stun weapon + grenade launcher? x_X), especially if Versus has teams (I haven't looked up enough of it to know, because I skip past every article that precedes "Versus DLC" with "controversial" >_>)

Anonymous said...

The moment you posted your FAQ must of been the greatest sigh of relief for you I'm sure x3 You worked hard and it's definitely going to pay off! Your dedication is astounding honestly, I would of gave up a long time ago @_@ But nevertheless, I just visited your FAQ and wow it is extensive lol I know I'll be using it a lot for online co-op, I tend to forget what is coming up in a chapter so the checklist is extremely helpful. Especially the last boss fight description!! I need to start S-ranking levels for that darn acting figure... On Amateur xP I'm happy to see your work displayed, and hope as it gets better you get more recognition for it. Take care and see you online!

- Esme

Sixth_Finger said...

(Yeah, I just sent you an email about the FAQ too, but I though you'd appreciate a comment here)

I still remember when I said your RE5 Demo FAQ was really impressive... damn, now I don't know what to say about this one. ;_;
Also, like I said: now take some time and relax. Putting all those things togheter in less than a month must have required a lot of work more than I can imagine.
...and again, Congrats!

Berserker said...


I'll probably keep everything in the main guide. The main reason why I don't often write an in-depth FAQ is because GameFAQs usually only accepts one of each in-depth FAQ. With me being a slow writer, I would spend a lot of time on it and then some other FAQ would most likely be accepted ahead of mine. I lucked out when they accepted my RE5 demo FAQ since there was already one up before mine.

I might just make up a seperate one though and host it here and on IGN. IGN is good about accepting multiple guides for a certain in-depth subject and they always accepted everything I've done. I sometimes cater to them more than GameFAQs because of that.

That Mercs section is so very skeletal at the moment. I haven't even gotten to the stages yet.

Thanks for the suggestion about the teams. That's a pretty good idea!


Oh man, you have no idea. Well with the constant messages I would send you about it, I'm sure you do. Well, you all do in that aspect. It's good to have someone to talk to while doing something like that.

Let's say that I had you in mind when I typed out that final boss description. You know... Haha. :D


Of course I want you to comment here :)

I actually still haven't even gone through Veteran difficulty yet. I'm still limiting myself to Mercs games and a few Versus games on the side at the moment. I could easily get lost in the game and completely forget about the guide if I allowed myself to.

I am playing online more often though. Yesterday, I was in the best mood I have been in in about a month while I was proofreading, and I'm hardly ever happy to proofread my own writing. It felt good.

To all three:

Thanks a lot for posting. All three of you helped me out a lot. :)

Berserker said...

For those of you that play Mercs a lot, what do you think of the way that I am doing the Mercs section so far?

Wesker (Midnight) and Chris (BSAA) should be in the new update on GameFAQs soon - just sent it off a few seconds ago.

I'm trying to go really in-depth with each character. It seems like all characters have some sort of way to exploit the 5 second time bonus per melee kill if you work with them a bit and find out the precise damage that will be dealt to a Majini.

I'll get to the actual stages later. Still trying to figure out how I'm going to set that up. I'm not real creative when it comes to ASCII maps; surely that shows in the cover point maps. :p

sephirosuy said...

Finally, your FAQ is up now, let get it starred lol

If you mean need to draw out the maps, perhaps I can help you after I finish my EoT guide later.

Berserker said...

Haha. I think it has to be fully complete before it can be starred. Hopefully I'll reach full completion soon.

Arguably, I could label it as such now, but I want something there that will keep me feeling that I need to add to it at a quicker rate. Right now, it's not getting hardly any attention at all judging from the current views, which goes to show how much power that full blue dot holds.

I might need your assistance with the maps. Tell you the truth, I'm going to try to draw them out myself the old-fashioned way to see what I can do. And oh yes, I will go there like I did with FFXII. Markers and typing paper FTW! :p

I got eyebrows raised and some "wtf" comments from the FFXII maps that I drew out by hand, but at least I could say that they were my own back then.

Good god, those do look horrid now that I look back at them. xD I'm going to have to try harder for RE5. I think I might be able to make some descent ones though.

AlexB said...

Just stopped by to say a big thanks for your SH5 guide on GameFAQS!! Getting to grips with RE5 next week and certain your guide will be a great source of guidance when needed :-)

Brian said...

Wow. Those maps are awesome... you are too good bud, too good :P

Berserker said...

Thanks for posting, Alex. I really need to update that SH5 guide. I have so much collected info that needs to be added at the moment that I haven't gotten around to yet.

I'm glad you realize my artistic talents, Bri. :p

Anyway, I think have an ultimate way to display the stages for Mercenaries now. I'm going to work on Public Assembly today and see how it works. It's going to be unique and very thorough. Like a complete dismantle of the area (Berserker-style of course).

Overall stage strategies will have to come a bit later... or maybe I can up with some while writing up the basics of each stage.

Berserker said...

Alright, I went ahead and labeled it complete on GameFAQs today. I can now see my guide at eye level without having to look down. An RE aquaintance from over a year back gave me a good reason to label it as such. :) At the rate I'm going, it would be quite a while before I reach my own "complete" point.

Any comments on the Mercenary stage setup from anyone? I'm interested to hear what people think. The maps are horrible as usual but I've included plenty of description to go along with them. I still need to describe the various spawn points for the Public Assembly though. I think I might need a stage overview as well.

Let's see, what's next on the agenda? Ah, more proofreading, the Mines, the Village, Ancient Ruins-

Sixth_Finger said...

There we go, the first stage.
You did a very detailed job, I just have a little 'complaint':
Since you worked a lot with the maps, you could do one for the areas too. It wont be hard to do, and it's always something you can add.
Oh, and maybe you could also change color for items on higher floors, but since you described the locations too you may even let it this way.
Other than that, good job!

So you labeled it as complete.
I can't really say I saw that coming this soon, I expected you to do it at least when you had the Mercs stages covered... but still, I don't know how you work and this is the first FAQ I 'follow live'.
Also, I have to agree that nothing is too complete for Resident Evil 5.

Berserker said...

I've labeled FAQs as oomplete long before I actually finished everything. With Fatal Frame III, I never even attempt the survival mode in it, yet I labeled it as complete.

The completion label doesn't mean a thing as of now. It's labeled as such just so people on GameFAQs will actually look at it. I'll compare the full amount of views for you based on yesterday's view and then tomorrow's views so you can see what I mean. Today doesn't count since it wasn't listed as complete in the early hours of the morning.

Working with the actual labeling of the maps is very hard for me since I'm not really used to it and I'm sure the results reflect as much. I'll see what I can do with them today. :)

When you say do one for the areas, do you mean everything altogether in one map? I don't know if I could squeeze all of that together and make it look readable. There is a map in there for the spawn areas (Areas A and B) if that is what you mean.

Berserker said...

* complete* attempted

Sixth_Finger said...

Jesus, what an idiot I am!
Yeah, I was referring to the spawn areas. Everything altogheter in one map would be useless, imho.
I must've skipped it in the beginning, and by not seeing it under 'Area List' I thought there wasn't any.
My bad.

Also don't bother comparing the amount of views just for me, I read your email moments ago and you pointed out another side of this matter I didn't think about.

Berserker said...

Haha, so you joined Blogger? :D

No problem. That goes to show that I might need to add the urls to the sections themselves. I was thinking about doing that last night.

I'll still compare them regardless since I'm very curious. It's been a long time since I've had an incomplete FAQ on GameFAQs.

Oh, and I took yours and Brian's advice and pointed out some item and time/combo bonus locations better. It's not really what you guys recommended but they are still better than what they were.

If any of you are near a printer and could try printing one of them out just to see how it looks then do so and let me know what you think. My printer lacks a color cartridge at the moment.

Brian said...

Ah, that's just as good buddy, for marking the higher areas. Certainly beats redrawing any part of it :P

Oh, and good choice of font. Or awesome handwriting on your part :P

Sixth_Finger said...

I agree with Brian, by pointing out the objects in the higher areas they look much simpler to understand.
Sadly I'm not near any printer at the moment, so I can't help you there.

I didn't really join, I just saw I was 'logged' with my gmail address and I checked it out out of curiosity, then I simply put up a profile.

Berserker said...

Yeah, it's a font. It's called "akbar". I'm simply using an online photo editor to help me label a hand-drawn map.

If I actually wrote in those descriptions by hand, I'm sure it would be noticed. :D

The map for the Mines isn't the best with all the curves but at least it looks decent. I had problems getting the basic layout because I kept making one area too small and the other too big. The top is still really too small, but it'll do I suppose.

The Village isn't going to look much better in curved areas, but the Ancient Ruins came out quite nicely with all the straight lines on the map!

sephirosuy said...

Hey mate, need my version? The first one I did here :p

Berserker said...

Wow. You really should post that up on GameFAQs. I'm sure you're going to, right? :D

I'll be sure to link to it in my guide under The Mines section. It's much cleaner than mine. :p

Three things though:

1) You're missing a Proximity Bomb pickup below the middle platform in the north section. Its lying along the side of the platform below the east bridge.

2) The Hand Grenade pickup on the east first floor ledge is labeled "2F"

3)You're missing the first "r" in Mercenaries on the top label. You have "Mecenaries".

Just nitpicks to a fantastic map though. I swear, you can make some of the most easily readable maps I have seen. :D

I'm going to go ahead and continue with mine since I'm halfway through them now. I think the Ancient Village is the worst one and I'm already finished with that one.

sephirosuy said...

Got it, will do the corrections soon. Ya I will upload to Gamefaqs if nobody did until I finish all maps. Thanks :p

Brian said...

Wow, nice map Seph. I would also suggest using C for Combo Bonus and T for Time Bonus... makes more sense to me than two different colored Bs :)

And as a shameless plug, for anyone who's played DMC+NG+God of War, I've started my "Gunplay Died With DMC3" rant. Salesman voice: "Now with 75% more Berserker input!"

Berserker said...

Nice way to advertise. :p Haha. Commented. I added it to the side bar.

Seph, you should post up those maps as you finish them as opposed to all at one time. I'm sure people on GameFAQs will love those. I would hate to see someone else beat you. You know the way in-depth FAQs and images work on GameFAQs. ;)

If people actually like my crappy drawings, they'll flip for a nice and tidy map.

I just got through drawing up Ship Deck. That was one hell of a hard map to draw. I was kind of puzzled as how to continue it for a while there. It's done now. *repeats to self* (It's done.) Only one more to go. :)

Brian said...

Wow, sidebar status! Thanks!

And double wow, you're moving a pretty good pace with these maps :O Only one more to finish up the entire slate?

And I totally second Berserker and suggest putting up the maps as you go, Seph :D

Berserker said...

Drawing up the maps is the hardest part of all of this. I just found out that labeling items on multiple floors for some of maps can be time consuming as well since I have to use two maps per category list like with the Experimental Facility. Prison might be hard too.

I kind of have a feeling that the strategies for each stage are suffering a bit with my rush to get through them. I'll have to go back and edit them a bit once I'm done. The Village section for sure needs a better writeup.

After this comes the real fun part - Professional mode guide! I'm not being sarcastic either. I think I might enjoy that more.

I'll get to Versus while in the midst of it most likely. The blank Mercenary maps should help out for Versus.

Brian said...

Yeah, I can't imagine how many times you're double or triple checking x_X

And I wouldn't worry about the Mercenaries strategies. The nice thing about online modes like Mercenaries are the constant evolution of the players. New strategies are always going to come up, so don't worry if your ideas feel underdeveloped--there's a good chance you may find a new, different one by sharing it with the players :D

You should do a Professional melee-only run :D Because you're THAT hardcore!

Brian said...

By the way buddy, the Bionic Commando demo is out! When you get a chance we must play!

Berserker said...

Thanks man. I'll probably take a look at it this weekend.

I'll read your new DMC write-up soon too. Seems like everything is always "later" at the moment.

Oh well. Ship Deck is now up on the sidebar. Good god that map was hard to both draw an label. It's crooked, I know. :( Just got done drawing Prison last night. It needs labeling now.

I still haven't really taken a look at Professional mode that well yet. I will once I get through with Mercs info. I don't know what I'll do for Versus yet.

It feels like it is taking me so very long on this one yet in actuality this is about my normal pace really. I guess I want it all done too soon.

Brian said...

Well, don't forget to enjoy the process buddy :) The maps are coming along really well.

And it doesn't look like the demo for Bionic Commando does matchmaking :/ We'd just have to hope to be playing at the same time and roll the dice to be in the same room. It is a hell of a lof of fun though. Still a little awkward for me, but I am enjoying the fast paced games. Some weapons feel a little OP, but that keeps you moving, I guess.

Berserker said...

The Prison maps are now up on the sidebar. Every map is finished now. The Prison was very hard to explore with the constant Red Executioner threat. All I need to do now is write up some stuff for the Prison stage and the Mercs section will be done!

(of course I'll still go back and tidy a few things up later on though)

That's good that the demo for BC has online play. The demo for Marvel vs Capcom 2 that is up on PSN right now only has a two player local option. There is no online whatsoever... and no single player. Quite the demo, I tell ya...

I hope you'll join me this summer for some fights in Marvel vs Capcom 2. My Son-son and Cable will be waiting. :D I never really could find a good character to go along with them. Thanos was the best because they could all link five supers together, but I never did really like Thanos that much.

Brian said...

Really? Local play only? That is pathetic. :/ The BC demo is actually just multiplayer. I dunno about you but I end up waiting for quite a while (>3 minutes) just to get connected to a room though... dunno what's up on that front.

I'm debating MvC2... The game is fun but I dunno if the online play will be worth it (in terms of will I ever play it). This is going to be the summer of Blazblue, so I'm going to stuck on that like Winnie to hunny, so we'll see. If I have some disposable income at that point, I'll definitely take you on :P With my Triple Amingo Threat! In serious-er play I stick to some combo of Cable, Bison, Rogue and Strider.

Sentox said...

I have to say - it's pretty darn impressive that you can write an FAQ this comprehensive and plain huge on an ultra-linear action game o_O

Colour me impressed.

Berserker said...

Thanks Sentox! I told people I was obsessed with the series. :p

Well, the FAQ is almost done and I have a feeling that it will stretch over 2,000KB before I label it complete (at the top). I might do so after the Professional mode section.

I'll add something for Versus later on. It's just too much (for what all I want) and I need to stop grinding at it.

Do any of you happen to have a good picture or, better yet, a .gif picture of Chris performing a Haymaker? Please let me know. I'm looking for one with the width of about 400 pixels.

Brian, you better buy MvC2! :p I'll need some friendly competition.

Brian said...

Math time! In honor of ol B's RE-obsession!

Each character in a text file takes up 1 byte of space. Each KB is 1024 bytes, or characters. Thus, Berserker has belted out >2000*1024, or 2,048,000 characters :O Even with 10 characters a word, that's over 200K words!

Hat's off to ya :)

And though it may not be a fair trade, I might be more willing to pick up MvC2 if you pick up either King of Fighters XII or BlazBlue :)

Anonymous said...

It's until now that I had the time to read and reply to your comment... Wow, is that sad? Anywho, the new updates to your guide in regards to the extras of the game are real awesome. As always A++ work! Thanks for considering me while typing up that description for the last boss fight, it makes me feel like a contributor to your great mission haha :)

- Esme

Berserker said...

Well, 1948KB so far. :D

I'm more likely to get The King of Fighters XII out of the those two fighters. I wasn't really a big fan of the Guilty Gear games, so BlazBlue really doesn't interest me.

And nah, that's not sad, Esme. Sad is when you've dedicated nearly two months to focusing on one game and neglecting a bunch of other things because of it.

I've had one friend delete me on his Xbox LIVE friends list because its been so long since I've been on. I've got a few friends on there that I said I would play RE5 with, and that was around a month ans a half ago. I might start getting back on next week. I've got a lot of catching up to do... and RE5 achievements to gain. :p

I think my gold subscription is about to run out.

Brian said...

Blasphemy! Guilty Gear is fighting games running on adrenaline and sugar! :P I suck at it horribly but after playing that every other fighter runs at 1/2 the speed, especially Street Fighter. BB is supposed to be much simpler and slower than it, though, so it may play to your standards (/plug)

BlazBlue is a game I will actually be buying a PS3 for, without fail :P Anyhoo, how's Pro mode working out for you so far? I can't imagine fighting those darn shelled majini or the reapers at an even higher level >_<

Sentox said...

I have to concur. GG is absolutely awesome.

I completely suck at all fighting games against people, mind you, but it's still fun.

Brian said...

Hooray, a supporter! We must bring Berserker to our side with the threats of flogs and roman cancels!

Issues with Irving, Berserker? I always thought that if ever there was a time to showcase how bad the AI could be, it was that fight. I pretty much fought the bastard alone because Sheva kept moving between the top and bottom left mounted guns, w/o actually doing anything, and because of the chaos I never bothered directing her for fear of death :/

Berserker said...

I've never really fought another human player in any of the GG games. I never have had a friend that would actually play the games with me. With King of Fighters, I had some competition at a local arcade, same with many Capcom fighters, but I've never really had any competition with GG. I think I've worked myself into a bias for SNK and Capcom fighters because of that.

I enjoyed GG2 for a while, but eventually it got old when the only competion was the CPU opponents. I was a Chip and Testament fan back when I played GG2.

Irving is a complete ass on Pro mode if you don't know how to handle him. Whenever he latches onto the back of the boat, I have to spam him with magnum fire to keep him from attacking with his tentacles since the button commands are so hard to input quick enough to dodge.

The turrets are basically useless during that fight when he latches onto the back of the boat unless you order the AI partner to use one. I had to constantly make the AI partner follow me away from Irving though.

Brian said...

Hopefully there will be a demo out for BB :/

Do you think Pro mode requires two competent players if you're doing coop? I'm curious as to the degree of difficulty in that case...

Berserker said...

Well its over 2000KB now. :D I still not done yet either. I'll probably finally put an end to it next week, though I'll still add to it after that, just not at the rate I'm going now.

I think some of the boss fights do require competent players. Pro mode would be easier with two actualy human players. I'm trying to go through it with the AI partner. I want to base the walkthrough for it on single player since that option is available to everyone no matter if they have broadband or not.

Public Assembly can be a major slap in the face on your first attempt.

I'm finding that the chapter 5-3 boss fight (the two character fight) is slightly based off luck at some points. It's annoying, considering I like to pick apart boss battles and make a mockery of them. This time, I don't see a forseeable way to deal with a few portions of it without a certain degree of luck.

I'm trying to go through all boss fights without the rocket launcher also. Well, except for when it is an available item during the fight of course.

Have you played with anyone online yet? Have you unlocked all the Mercs characters?

If not, we're going to have to fix that in the coming weeks. :)

Thiamath said...

Hi man...!!!

Greetings from Honduras in Central America, i just wanted to thank you for a really great guide, it shows the love and passion you feel for the series, i'm not a hardcore fan of the RE series, but let me tell you that i've enjoyed the game very much, also i've enjoyed to read your guide, its very clear and complete, i have your DMC4 guide too, you really are a great writer and i'm looking forward to see more of your great work on the net.(I hope my english to be clear enough, all i know of english language it's thanks to the

Great job Berseker, keep it up....!!!

Brian said...

Your English is great Thiamath :D Welcome to the world that is the Berserker's Fans Kingdom, haha.

Well, your pace in pro mode is astonishing IMO :/ I dunno if I could handle it.

Mockeries of bosses? Sounds like an old past-time to me... I don't remember the last time I really spent the time to manhandle a boss, which is a shame in its own right :/ I don't play enough of any of the games recently to claim I've done it... except maybe Chains of Olympus, because Persephone was more cake than someone's birthday :P

And no... no online just yet. And I haven't touched Mercenaries... since the last time you asked. Like I posted on my blog I just dunno, something about the game just keep pushing me away. I know I've said it a dozen billion times already (probably twice in this thread!) but KJOO (that's a cypher for ya... a real hard one) haunts me every time I think of the game--in a bad way.

BTW have you thought about picking up Bioshock? I am really wanting it over the past couple days, but for the sake of saving and because Devil Summoner's on the way, I haven't. However, I think you'd love it just as much because the atmosphere is really rich, and scary--just like Condemned, I didn't last 10 minutes :/ I still need to beat the demo, but I'll wait for a day when I'm home and the sun is out >.>

Berserker said...

Thanks a lot, Thiamath. Both DMC4 and RE5 were very highly anticipated games for me so it was a pleasure to write for both of them.

Berserker's Fans Kingdom? xD

The DMC series has taught me to mock bosses now. That's the way I get my kicks while trying to write for a boss. I usually fight a boss until I know its every move and can run circles around it. Ever since DMC3, I've had that same approach with all bosses that I type up information for.

Brian, you just need a good pahrtna for RE5. :p I'd recommend trying Mercs online with duo play sometimes. It's so much better than single play. Single play is quite a bit more challenging though.

I think about picking up Bioshock quite often, but I always get involved in another game. That demo for it is fantastic. I've played it on both systems. Did you ever try the Condemned 2 demo?

Brian said...

No, I haven't tried the Condemned 2 demo... just the first one. And that one, I didn't even make it up to the first encounter! Sad, I know >_>

I promise I'll start up RE5 again before next Wednesday :P Though it'll probably be spent just getting used to SP Mercs -- there's something about feeling like a weak link that makes me unhappy to just jump into a multiplayer game.

Berserker said...

I'm going to be back on Xbox LIVE sometimes this week. The reason I've been avoiding it is because I've been afraid that I would get too addicted with playing with friends on it and not get back to the guide. I think I've gotten far enough to forget about that though.

Single player is a heck of a lot harder than duo play. On duo play, you have the exact same amount of enemies with an increase in difficulty. Single play = Normal difficulty, Duo play = Veteran difficulty.

No matter how good a person is at RE5, it's pretty hard to avoid dying in some stages. Experimental Facility is complete mayhem on both single and duo play. Even the Public Assembly stage can easily catch a player off guard.

Brian said...

Hopefully I'll find time to play some time this week. It's not looking good though, both because of schoolwork, and because Devil Summoner 2 is out this week :)

By those stages, you're referring specifically to Mercs right?

Berserker said...

Yep, both single and duo play or mercs can get quite out of hand no matter how many times I have played each stage.

I got so involved in RE5 on Xbox 360 yesterday that I forgot to update my blog post. It's all UmbrellaCo's fault. :(

Anyway, it felt quite good to get back on again after so long. I had no idea that Max Payne and Max Payne 2 were on there. That's awesome. I might shell out the extra points to get both of those.

I played Bionic Commando a bit. It's quite hard to get used to the controls for me at the moment. Getting thrusted into the middle of the action doesn't help. Awesome music though. That classic Bionic Commando theme will never get old!

Brian said...

Haha, MP 1 and 2 are quite awesome; I have it for PC though, so I didn't pick it up on XBL. I was surprised by the announcement for 3 -- how much more "corrupt, dirty, cynical" can Max get?!

The swinging controls do take some getting used to, but I managed to get a feel for it within a couple minutes. Maybe it's because the first thing I tried to do (and did) was Zip-Kick kill an opponent. :P

Berserker said...

Well, I have a feeling that I'll consider this guide complete by sometimes next week. Got a nice version name planned for it if GameFAQs allows me to post it. I think it fits rather well. :D

I might get BC on PS3. Still haven't decided yet. Also, I'll probably pick up Punch-Out for Wii. I haven't played the Wii since Dead Rising. I never did even beat Dead Rising: CtYD... couldn't really stand it tell you the truth. :)

Berserker said...

Alight Brian, I hope to see you online more within the coming weeks. I finally beat RE5 on Xbox 360 yesterday and have now unliked my pride and joy (Mercenaries) and have been engaging in some rather fun online Mercs games.

I work pretty well with Wesker Midnight and Jill players if they spam melees like my Chris STARS does. I know I could get a higher score if I played with Wesker or Jill, but I feel more comfortable with any Chris type. Wesker STARS is pretty fun to play as though.

I absolutely love using the random search on both consoles for Mercs. It's really nice to run across the different skill types and learn things from them. Kind of like with the RE5 demo.

Anyway, I'm finally back on Xbox 360, though still a little scarce at the moment. It's still hard to get adjusted to the 360 controller while playing RE5 for me.

Berserker said...


*spam melee kills

Brian said...

Good to hear you're still at it :D I am only slightly engrossed in Devil Summoner 2 at the moment, in part because Everything Else (tm) is currently manifesting in life. It's not a bad thing, I'm just doing things besides playing games.

I find it a little hard to believe that there could be different playstyles in a game like RE4, but I guess that's me being naive :P I can understand that people may favor certain strategies over others, but how do styles come into play?

Berserker said...

You are far beyond awesome with the "(tm)", my man. Haha.

I got tired of the boring "Copyright & Special Thanks" section very early on in my writing . :p

With RE5, I run across many different types of advanced players. Some of them use melees differently when going for melee kills. It's interesting to see the different methods that some will use for gaining a melee kill. You have to know the precise number of hits that can be delivered to a Majini before a stun to know right when to set it up for a melee.

I run across very few players that actually take advantage of melee kills outside of the Jill and Wesker (Midnight) characters. It's interesting to watch players that try to string together different hits for a melee kill.

Right now with Chris Safari, I'm working on setting up his melee kills a bit better. I can't really figure out any good methods for either Sheva characters though. Sheva doesn't really have that much advantage with her melees since none of them really have any power except for her ground melee.

Also, I like to run across a player that will basically communicate with me through partner commands. It makes the whole experience more immerssive.

Sixth_Finger said...

Hey, back from the dead.
My laptop decided to die on me and now I have to rely on the computer room to surf teh interwebs...

I see you've done quite a work, but sadly right now I just don't have time to read it.
Next month. I will.

See ya

Berserker said...

I've been wondering where you were. Good to hear from you again. :)

It's understandable. When I do a FAQ this big, I sometimes forget what I even added. It's embarrasing to contradict yourself in your own writing after updating a section and forgetting to update other sections. I do that all the time.