Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Silent Hill Homecoming Guide

I must admit, I was wrong. Because of the change in developers and many of the early screens I had seen, I had my doubts about Silent Hill Homecoming up to the very release date and until I placed it in my Xbox 360, but it really has impressed me. Bravo, Double Helix, Bravo! It has its problems and it is probably the least scariest Silent Hill, but it's a great addition to the series if you ask me, so I decided to do a little something for it.

Silent Hill Homecoming FAQ/Walkthrough by Berserker

I started up on this guide after playing it for about 10 minutes. I always feel that I do a better job on survival horrors while typing up the walkthrough portion on my first time through. I like to showcase my tension and feelings for the game in my writing and I think it works out much better on my first time through. This is not to say that the strategies are based on my first time through. I've been through it a second time and actually used my guide on guidance - that's a first!

If you're looking for this on GameFAQs then I probably won't post it up there until later this week. I want to have time to correct a few areas before it goes up on there.

What else, what else...

Oh yeah, new reviews are up for Infinite Undiscovery and Mega Man 9 if anyone is interested. Also, more importantly, I now only have 7 more challenge rooms left in Bionic Commando Rearmed. Oooo, it's getting so hard now!

Silent Hill Homecoming FAQ updates:

Update (10/16) - A new save point list was added to the List section. Many of the sections were beefed up quite a bit. The intro was redone a bit to match the survival horror mood I was in yesterday after beating the game for the fourth time. This should be up on GameFAQs later today also - just submitted it. Only the walkthrough and a few other sections are proofread so there are still plenty of typos in the guide I'm sure.

That about wraps it up. Other updates should be minor. I wouldn't count on an item list or game script this time around like I did with Origins. A game script would be kind of fun though.

Update (10/17) - A Weapon list is now up in the list section. A few typos have been destroyed and reborn as actual words and phrases also. Some typos still linger though, so email me if you notice one.

Update (10/20) - Ending 1 requirements were revised thanks to a reader. Squashed many of the typos in the Enemies section. The List section still has typos, I know, but I don't know when or if I'll get around to looking over it. Proofreading my own work is so very hard and boring. :(

Update (10/22) - All sections have been proofread, so all the typos are gone, no doubt. If not... I'll stretch the typo words until they break and all the little characters drain out.

Siam knife finisher description was added also. I only have a few finisher moves descriptions left to add now.

Update (11/03) - This update has been sitting on my comp for the past week really... Anyway, Siam knife finisher revised. A few glitch warnings added, one in the Sewers right before Siam fight and another in the Church before the plate puzzle.

Update (11/12) - Added a note about an image of Alex's father that can be seen through the cloth sheet in the basement before cutting the sheet - see added "Special Note" in the walkthrough during the first arrival in the basement of the Shepherd House for more info. Also added the finishing move for the Feral while equipped with the axe. A tip was added to the fight with the three Needlers and the Siam in the Main Drain Chamber of the Sewers. Another note was added to the Scarlet fight before the second battle with her.

If anyone can describe the Combat Knife/Ceremonial Dagger finishing move when fighting a Smog then please email me. It is the ONLY little detail left that I want to add for a complete guide.

Update (11/18) - Corrected a few mistakes here and these thanks to Rob. A new valuable health tip is now listed under the Health section in Basics. The Smog now has a Combat Knife/Ceremonial Dagger finisher description now as well thanks to a reader. I now dub Silent Hill Homecoming FAQ/Walkthrough by Berserker as finished! I'm still accepting additions though.


Brian said...

hi fives man :D but... you need to correct them links ^_^;;

Berserker said...


I've done that before on accident then caught it before someone noticed. Forgot to double check. They're fixed now though. :)


Brian said...

Nice work :) A game script would be pretty cool... Though I'm more :O at the fact that you've made four runs through the game already, haha.

Brian said...

If you get bored enough, I have a Zombie Survival score on my blog :P You should see how you fare!

Berserker said...

Thanks and done!

I mainly went through the game three extra times for portions of the guide that I wanted to confirm or add. Still need to go back through it again to take note of some extra finisher moves really. :|

sephirosuy said...

Sadly, I'm busy enough even no time to play this top rated survival horror >.<

Interested to know how hard is this compare to the SH4? After reading your previous archives... oops, I missed the RE5 TGS trailer @.@

Brian said...

Well, at least you have legitimate reason to not play Silent Hill seph :) I got too scared and returned the game in shame ^_^;;

BTW Kev are you going to update your PSN tag for Dead Space? :P

Berserker said...

Seph, Homecoming is more combat-focused, but it still plays just like other Silent Hills. The first introduction of the Schisms was pretty hard to me simply because I didn't know how to deal with them. Once you know each enemy's weakness the game isn't that bad though. Some enemies can really run over you if you don't know how to deal with them in Homecoming however.

Bri, the PSN gamertag is fixed. The TripleTags site is hard to navigate. I wanted to change it when I got SCIV but I couldn't figure out how to change the current games. Finally figured it out again though. :p

Too bad the official PSN Sony cards looks so bad. I'd rather post it. :(

Andre Christanto said...

Is there a Silent Hill Homecoming Guide for PC since I have a PC version and I don't have PS3 or XBOX

Daniel said...

Just wanted to drop a comment to thank you for this great guide!

I'm currently playing though Silent Hill: Homecoming for the second time with the help of the guide to pick up previously missed photos and drawings, plus to get the different endings.

Dimmusacio said...

You may want to append the sewers part of the guide due to the glitch bug that makes you have to restart the game. I got stuck after killing those three needlers killing them one by one saving after each one. But thanks to your guide the second time getting back to the same spot was very quick.

I hope you will check out my blog as well :-)

John Lemar said...

Hello. I would like to tell a bug in SH5.

Remember the Sewers chapter? The first save point is before you get the sewer map. The second save point is after a stream of awful sewer waters where there are two Lurkers there.

If you happen to pass the Lurkers without killing the second one (or at least both of them), the water will become dark, and once you jump from the water into the dry area, you'll notice that the walls and the door become transparent where you can almost see the next save point. I found no way to get out of this. If you'll look around, you will lose control of Alex - he will not move forward, nor backward and if you'll use the mouse (I am in PC version) to move, Alex field of view will just rotate and rotate. You have no choice but to restart the game.