Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Berserker is Coming Home!

I have been hot and heavy on Silent Hill Homecoming ever since its release last Wednesday and I must say, the game is much better than what I was expecting. While playing through my first time I have actually typed out a full walkthrough for it. I decided to start one up at the last second since I was highly entertained by the opening sequences. I have finished it in less than a week! A new record! But now I have to go back through and correct a lot of things so I probably won't have it up until sometimes next week hopefully. I'm still missing some of the Child's Drawings, Serums, and Photos at this point.

This is the first time I have ever had my own guide handy while going back through the game for a second playthrough, so hopefully this one will read very well! I am sort of forced into doing this since I didn't think the first time enemy strategies were that great. I've inserted more humor than normal but still didn't go overboard because I don't like it myself when guides do that.

Anyway, expect a guide with detailed combat explanations, enemy attack lists, dialogue choice lists and many other extra portions in the weeks to come. It should be like my Silent Hill Origins guide - I'm actually using it as a template. I probably won't do a game script this time. My VCR is broke... and sort of jammed too really... hasn't been used in a long time. Haha.

But anyway, yeah, I beat Homecoming yesterday and I'm quite surprised with how good the game was. There are a few areas that I didn't like, such as the boring Otherworld Hell Descent and the super aggressive enemies on the streets that I have difficulty running from, among a few other things, but overall, it's a real good addition to the Silent Hill franchise I think. It's interesting how they have managed to blend in elements from the movie with the game and not go overboard like I expected them to. Pyramid Head wasn't overused and the movie Nurses and other enemies seem to match the game well. Combat is pretty good too, but when trying to dodge, it's sort of hard to tell when an enemy is going to attack sometimes. They don't always give off a smooth warning signs before an attack. The Feral is a perfect example of this. I'm having problems going over his moves in the guide.


Brian said...

Congrats on clearing the game :) I have the BradyGames guide... if you're stuck on finding something we could always check (though I dunno if theirs is comprehensive either). Then again that might not be ethical :P

Which ending are you going for now? UFO? ;)

Berserker said...

I sometimes use a guide when I don't want to turn on the game to confirm something. I'm not going to say that I don't need help when writing up my own stuff though. My only source would be me in that case, which wouldn't get me very far all the time.

I'll probably try for the Drowning Ending next. There's a certain point in the game where you can actually save it and get all the endings from that point I think. I'll probably be too stubborn to do that though. :p It's so much fun to go through a Silent Hill game multiple times for me.

Brian said...

RE5 TGS Trailer is LIVE!

And then there's Bayonetta, which looks awesome as hell--pun intended. :D Reminds me more of Gungrave than DMC, but still awesome. Don't like her voice but oh well. I hope she has some alternate outfits too.

Hooray for TGS!

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