Thursday, October 9, 2008

Resident Evil 5 TGS '08 trailer!

Don't. Play. ^That. Click on the link. Go to Gametrailers. Watch it in the highest resolution possible - oh, what the hell, just click here (HD) or here (SD). Have the volume up as high as it will go. If you're avoiding spoilers then don't watch it at all. Just know that it made my day.

There are times where I wish I could reach through my monitor and somehow grab a game and play it early no matter how much of a beta form it still is in. This game goes beyond that though... I just... wow.

March needs to here quickly. ...and I REALLY need to get an HDTV before then.[/RE fanboy explosion]

The Official North American RE5 Site is updated quite a bit also with new downloads, character profiles, etc.


There is also an Alternate Trailer on GameTrailers:

Alternate Trailer SD
Alternate Trailer HD

Thanks to Brian for pointing this out.


A New Resident Evil Degeneration trailer is now up!


Brian said...

You better start saving :O

I am so pumped to see Wesker kicking ass. The guy needs to die but damn! Talk about strong for an undead guy XD BTW there's actually more footage from an alternate trailer on GT. However, it's even MORE spoilerific. Not that you care too much about that, haha. BTW are you planning on picking up both versions or just one?

Berserker said...

Yeah, the trailers are starting to get a bit too spoilerific. Really, I've already seen what I have wanted to see - enough Wesker scenes to keep me occupied. (Yeah, just keep saying that when the next trailer is released).

I'll be buying both versions for sure (collector's editions). I actually bought three copies of RE4 when it was first released on Gamecube just so I could get some more bonus items with each purchase. 1 from Gamestop, 1 from EBgames, and one from Capcom. :)

I might do that again depending on what's available. With me already buying both versions, that should help out some since I could preorder from different shops if they offer different bonus items.

Brian said...

Cool :D I will probably just get the one, unless there's something REALLY good about the incentive (as in, not simple in-game stuff).

I agree about the spoilers. I'm surprised at how much we actually see, including the tentacled thing. What I HOPE this means is that we end up with a really really awesome climax and finish though. It's also reassuring that Sheva won't be compromised for the story like Luis -- no melodramatic death scenes since Capcom's said you need her to finish the game :)

Anonymous said...

Mybe it's not spoilerific... Maybe the last seconds of the game want us to believe something, but in the game tehre will be a surprise.

Berserker said...

From what I remember, the Island portion of RE4 was kept secret from us and the minor appearance of Wesker at the end was kept from us also.

The identity of the female blond character will probably remain a secret until release date. They really like to throw her out in the air every now and then. I guess you could take that as a pun with the way she is tossed against a railing in one trailer. :D

I think the spoilers in the last trailer were really needed for RE hardcore fans. The Wesker involvement and showcase of interaction between Wesker and Chris should draw the attention of those that were dissapointed in the storyline of RE4. I was slightly dissappointed with it tell you the truth. The new trailer definitely opened my eyes to RE5 even more than they already have been. Up till now, even though I'm fanatical about the game, I've really been expecting another RE4 in terms of story quality.

Luis seemed to be an interesting character in RE4. I didn't understand why they dropped him so quickly.

Brian said...

Luis is a tragedy of bad writing. They wanted to elicit emotion from the player, so they killed him. That simple... unfortunately the scene was kinda ruined.

IMO RE4 feels more like a setup to RE5 now that we know more. I think just about everyone wants to cry out SHELLY whenever they see the blond girl. :P

Berserker said...

The same could probably be said for Mike as well. The whole Mike helicopter portion still feels out of place in RE4 to me. I usually skip all cutscenes pertaining to that part every time through RE4.

Don't you mean Sherry? Unless you're trying to slip something by me. I really hope the blond girl is Sherry in a way. +1 more established RE character.

Brian said...

Yeah, I meant Sherry, but SHELLY would be the awesome Engrish version, haha. I too really hope that's who she is... and I really want to know what her reaction is when Chris introduces himself as a Redfield, family of master gunmen, aircraft pilots, motorcycle gurus, and good genes :P

Berserker said...

Haha. Good comeback. :D

That would be an interesting situation. I could imagine Sherry thinking back about her and Claire at the RPD building...

Claire: "Whats the matter, Sherry? *giggle* Don't you trust me?"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It seems very strange to me that the trailer show both jill and spencer's fate.
So, probably they wan't us to believe something, while something else will happen in the game.


just like MGS4 and snake's gun.


Jill's spoiler is to big to be true.

Berserker said...

Be sure to label your spoilers for other games. ;)

I agree. Jill's spoiler portion in the trailer is a crock if you ask me. There's simply no way. If that is the case for such a major character then Capcom has dissapointed me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the spoiler.

If Jill dies only to let capcom develop Chris, I will stop buying REs.

Berserker said...

Ah, it's cool. I understand that you were making a point but there's some people that come to this blog that haven't played MGS4 yet.

I think a main character death in RE would be good to have eventually but not something so meaningless like what is showcased in that trailer. Basically all of the minor character deaths throughout the series have been more meaningful than a simple gravestone etching.

I think they put that little mention of her in there simply as a tease to the fact that she will appear in RE5 somewhere.

Sentox said...

Don't think I can wait much longer for this game :P Personally, I thought the alternate trailer was even better: (second video)

Although I do find it funny that Wesker appears to be Neo.

And once you get an HDTV, you'd never be able to bear standard def again.

Berserker said...

Hey Sentox.

I find Wesker hilarious now in the RE universe. He's so easy to make fun of with how mysterious and sinister he acts - he's like the token evil guy. I like his newer look from what I have seen of him in RE5 though. Looks better than the Mr. X trenchcoat and darker outfit in UC. :p The Neo look kind of matches him. Haha.

Thanks for the link, I'll have to view it later. I'm on my PS3 browser at the moment - taking a break from Dead Space.