Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Resident Evil Fanart and Fan Videos

You might remember that, quite a while back, a long-time artist friend of mine, by the name of Spike, drew up some RE fanart as a request for my RE: Umbrella Chronicles guide. If you don't, well then humor me and pretend to remember.

Anyway, Spike now has up some colored pics of the panels for the poster on his deviant page.

Panel 1 - Chris, Jill and Rebecca VS Tyrant
Panel 2 - Billy and Rebecca VS Leeches
Panel 3 - HUNK's Escape
Panel 4 - Ada's Escape
Panel 5 - Jill and Carlos VS Nemesis
Panel 6 - Wesker VS Sergei

Also, if you want a sneak peak of the main story for Resident Evil 5 then view the video below by ShadowLeggy. I think it tosses in some good theories myself and the background music totally matches. :D

Be sure to check out the brilliance of this user's Resident Evil Excited REmake! also, as well as this person's other videos!


Brian said...

I see you picked up TFU :P I'll be getting mine tomorrow so we can discuss it then, haha.

Also, great RE stuff. To which you might like checking out The Resident Evil 5 Activity Book For Kids! :P

Berserker said...

Oh man, I'd buy that in a second. Leon's Briefcase is hilarious! :D

I have a lot of mixed feelings about TFU. The story is great so far, but the gameplay doesn't seem to hold up well for extended gaming sessions.

Siegfried said...

Very funny videos!!!

Brian said...

Thanks for the tip last night. I had already passed the bridge though and Vader's lack of a dash kept me from going back :P

I dunno, I'm actually thoroughly enjoying myself. Maybe because I was expecting so little from it in the first place. I love the open-ended combat, which emulates NG2 and DMC3 pretty well. I feel that the options to each combat situation are very good, and the presentation and environments are spectacular. ::shrug:: The only thing bugging me is the laser spam, but if you just use your Force Grip judiciously they're easy kills. What're the problems you're having in the first place?

sephirosuy said...

Ha.. not bad stuffs. Simply fun, I admire these people that spending time to make this kind of entertaining video XD

Berserker said...

Yeah, that person's creativity is great! :D

No problem, Bri. I had a few problems with bugs - Starkiller getting stuck halfway in the floor and falling through the floor and out into space after performing an air force pound (can't remember what it's called atm). Also, the slight delay in response with the buttons sometimes screws up a move or a timed jump.

Overall the game was fun though. The story, characters and cutscenes alone were worth the purchase for me - they were fantastic! To me, the game really picks up in story and gameplay after level 3 with Starkiller.

Anonymous said...

youve got amazing taste in games but i should let you know that shadowleggy is a girl :P

Berserker said...

Thanks for the correction. So hard to tell based of a username on the internet.