Monday, September 8, 2008

Soul Calbur IV review and a few updates

I don't want the review stretching the page tremendously, so I'm not going to post it here.

Soul Calibur IV review (Xbox 360)

Soul Calibur IV review (PS3)

They both read the exact same since it's a comparison review but the scores are slightly different. I felt that the Xbox 360 version was a bit better because of the less network errors and less overall lag while playing online. Both versions can be just as faulty while being played online however.

I forgot to mention in the review that the PS3 version has an extra install option that helps to reduce load times very slightly. When compared to each other, the PS3 loads just a bit faster. The install option for the PS3 is completely optional unlike some other games that I have played.

And last but not least, besides the SW: The Force Unleashed demo guide update, as mentioned below, I have also updated the following guides of mine: (the updates should appear on the linked sites later today)

Obscure: The Aftermath - New hacking puzzle added to chapter 2 (right after the first puzzle)
Soul Calibur Achievement Guide - New Voldo tactic for the Conqueror achievement.
Dead Rising Infinity Mode FAQ - this one's been needing an update for a LONG time, got tons of backed up email on it. More psychopath and survivor locations were added along with an extra shoutout to a person that typed out the .xls documents on IGN FAQs - be sure to check them out if you're interested.


Brian said...

Nice review(s) Kev :D I got a correction for you though: the soul gauge's color is not dependent on side: everyone starts at the same green, and either side moves towards blue and eventually flashing blue by landing attacks and GIs. Beyond that I think your review is well done and informative first, opinion second :D

Berserker said...

Ah, thanks for catching that. I must have had the CPU training type on while I checked that. I nevery usually pay attention to the soul gauges that much... until one blinks red. Haha.

Anonymous said...

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Berserker said...

In all honesty, I'd recommend actually taking out the time to read the review that I posted since it answers your question based off my opinion and I'd also recommend that you don't spam my blog with advertising.

Don't be so ridiculously humble and tame.
Just tear through the damn game!
Kevin Hall
Strategy Guide (FAQ) Author

Brian said...

Awesome signature Kev :P

For a while I was thinking the same thing about the Soul Gauge, until I took a look at the bradygames guide and had it all explained to me. I like how it works now but what I think would really change the way the game plays is making it easier to recover gauge. It shouldn't take a bajillion hits or a CF to get back into the green.

Berserker said...

The mistake in the review should be fixed soon.

Good to see you enjoyed my temporary sig. :p