Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Poll #5 - How do you intend to play your Devil May Cry 4?

So starting next month Devil May Cry 4 will be released for the PS3 and Xbox 360, which one will you buy, if any?

For myself, I can't decide between the two, so I'm going to get both of them most likely. I'll probably get the Collector's Edition for PS3 then get the normal Xbox 360 release. I want the PS3 release because I'm more familiar with that controller when it comes to Devil May Cry and I would like to have the 360 release for the extra achievements that will be included with it. I guess I'm just greedy and want it all - story of my life actually.


Nish said...

After coming from the original DMC it's got to be the PS3 version. Putting my X360 into hibernation and playing lots of PS3/PS2 games means that I've gotten used to the Sixaxis now. Also, I don't fancy pounding the X360 face buttons for any length of time.

I think the bonus for PS3-owning DMC fans is the region-freeness. If there's a special Japanese edition it'll be accessible to everyone.

Berserker said...

So all PS3s are indeed region free?

I had only read a bit about the region freeness before it was released but afterwards I haven't heard any more about it. Haven't been keeping up with PS3 info that much.

Nish said...


I've tried US,UK and Japanese games on my American machine - all worked fine.

sephirosuy said...

ya PS3 is definity region-free. So you think PS3 controller is better? hmm... impossible I'll get both, but I know Capcom will make something different between version, lets see... *thinking

Berserker said...

It might take a little while to get used to the L2 and R2 triggers, but I think the PS3 controller will work great for DMC4.

I'm kind of hoping that Capcom doesn't incorporate much Sixaxis motion controls though - I can't really get used to them. Shaking a joypad just doesn't feel right to me. I felt that way with Uncharted.

I haven't tried the motion controls with any other games though, so maybe Uncharted is just a bad starting experience for me.

Brian said...

I only have a 360, so that limits my access, but I agree that the ps3 controller will probably fit better. Did anyone else change their controls for DMC3? I purposely changed mine to fit Gunslinger/Royal Guard, because trying to use hold-[] (charge shots) while using O for style moves/buffering was totally finger cramping.

I had Guns to R2, Style to R1, lockon L1, Melee to [], swap weapons to triangle and O.

The thing is is that the L/R triggers on the new controllers (both Sixaxis and the 360 controller) aren't very mash-friendly, so I need to rethink where I'm going to put my gun command :(

Berserker said...

That sounds like a good setup for Gunslinger.

I couldn't really get used to playing with Gunslinger style all that much when I tried. I really wanted to become familiar with it because I enjoyed the flashy gun moves but couldn't find too much use for it - or either it was me just not knowing how to use it that well.

You might want to try having RB set as your guns then have Y as the style button. It seems like that would work well while charging the guns.

Devil May Cry 3:SE actually caused me to ruin my second PS2 controller. For some reason the back buttons (L2 and R2) sometimes stick now and it started with that game. It's very irritating since it only does it sometimes (when I really need them), then other times it's fine.

Brian said...

Haha, that's exactly what happened to me too! Definitely made Armored Core a lot harder than it had to be, and Metal Gear Solid 2 too >_>

I also felt that Gunslinger was a little shorthanded, but what I realized was that the guns were never supposed to be a standalone ability in the first place (except maybe Gunstinger on the Shotgun and Spiral). It really just improves the guns from being tools that either set up situations (Spiral, Kalina Ann) or stun enemies, to being tools that do that and can still do some damage too. Once I figured that out Grapple>Stinger>Grapple>Gunstinger becomes quite fun and ridiculously powerful, especially if you cancel Gunstinger into that crazy charged-shot version.

Sadly though I got too used to Royal Guard's easy move-canceling so I need to fix up my Gunslinger abilities. Do you have a major style?

(RB and Y actually does sound like a good combination. Thanks for the tip :D)

Berserker said...

I can see why you like Gunslinger - I was just messing around with it just a few minutes ago. In previous playthroughs I have basically ignored it but it does help to make some of the more unique weapons a bit more useful. I actually found a use for Spiral - the Sniper shot seems to work well from knocking down Enigmas even at a long distance!

I usually stick with Swordmaster and Trickster. I'm a big fan of Ebony & Ivory and hardly ever switch from them in my arsenal and they work very well in combination with Swordmaster style, especially when I use Agni & Rudra.

One of my favorite combos was: Whirlwind > first 4 hits of Sky Dance > Cancel w/E&I > first 4 hits of Sky Dance > Cancel w/E&I > first 4 hits of Sky Dance > Aerial Cross.

It's sometimes hard to get out all of those 3 Sky Dance sessions but it really spams damage on an enemy if you can. Agni & Rudra are easily my main weapon of choice - you can literally become an agressive animal with those blades and I love air combos with the Swordmaster Sky Dance move. :D

Trickster was fun to use for some boss fights. I never could really get used to Royal Guard, but with it's Release, that style definitely has some uses on bosses.

Brian said...

I love A&I as well. I usually play that along with Beowulf; unfortunately unless you're playing Swordmaster that keeps you grounded for a lot of the time, so there's not too much in terms of aerial stunts, but it's a worthy sacrifice in my play style.

If there's one thing I really need to work on though, it's stage awareness and taking damage. It's what's keeping me playing Hard still as opposed to pushing the other difficulties.

Berserker said...

Whenever I get hit a bunch by a certain enemy, I usually keep them on the screen and learn their attacks and the timing for each - even if I have to die from learning a few times. Just allow them to attack and it will help you to learn the timing for dodging, whether you use rolls, Trickster dashes, or Royal Guard deflects.

This is how I have learned to fight Vanguards better. Of course, it feels different during the middle of the combat when tons of enemies are on top of you though. Each enemy gives off some sort of signal before an attack whether they make a noise (bell chime - Vanguard, squawk - Hell Lust) or some other type of action (on-screen yell - Sloth).