Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fatal Frame/Project Zero for Wii!

Tecmo + Nintendo + Suda 51 = Fatal Frame 4.

First details on the game were unveiled earlier today, and while sparse, they paint a great story for Wii owners and survival horror fans. Fatal Frame 4: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (tentative translation) has been announced exclusively for Nintendo's console with such key players as Shibata Makoto as director, Keisuke Kikuchi (longtime series producer), and even Suda 51 – best known for Killer 7 and No More Heroes – serving as a second director for the game. In addition, the game is a full-on partnership between Tecmo and Nintendo, and will be published with the Nintendo name headlining the product. As an interesting note, rumors have stated that the Big N has purchased the Fatal Frame name, and it looks like one of the industry's top horror franchises could now be a Nintendo exclusive from now on. This is exactly the kind of announcement hardcore gamers have been waiting for on Wii.

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Most interesting for Nintendo fans, especially Nintendo survival horror fans. Quite a shocking move by Tecmo to bring the series to a Nintendo console.

Hopefully this can help the series grab a bigger fanbase. I've constantly felt that the Fatal Frame/Project Zero series has never gotten the attention that it deserves.

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