Monday, November 19, 2007

FAQ Progress

Final Fantasy XII

I really want to finish this FAQ to where I would be happy with it. I really do... but I am so burnt out on this game at the moment, its getting hard to even open the document.

The steal/poach/drop list that I was working on fell victim to data corruption, so that went down the drain. In a way though, I'm glad something stopped me because that was taking way too long.

I might just add some minor things later and dub this one finished.

Metroid Prime 3

Speaking of being burnt out on a game, I am at the Pirate Homeworld on this one and am about 75% of the way through with this guide, but I have pretty much lost interest in working on this one at the moment.

I just get tired of the routine involved in gathering all the information before I go to type up the guide. This one will probably be delayed to sometimes next year, but I do plan on finishing this one since I'm so close. I'm really glad that I didn't release this one early, like I had planned on doing about a month ago - I would feel the need to finish it if that were the case.

Silent Hill: Origins

Now this is where the party's at. I've already finished a complete item list for this game complete with room names, so it serves as a nice template for when I type up the actual walkthrough portion (all items are in checklists boxes for each room). I might type up guides like this more often, since everything is not crowded on me at once in this case.

I wrote up the entire hospital section today and I'll probably start with the Sanitarium tomorrow. This one should be done soon since I'm having a good time working on this one. I'd like to do a guide for Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles if I feel like it after finishing with Origins.


Anonymous said...

i've just finished ffxii, your walkthrough helped a lot, thanks!
now i dont know what i'm going to do with my life anymore... lol... i'm just joking.

Berserker said...


Glad you found it helpful.

About the latter statement, that's usually what I say after I finish an RE game. Of course I'm just joking too... maybe. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mate,

Been following your FF12 guide and very nice it is too... but I have a VERY NICE bit of info for you that I have discovered that I can't find anywhere else on the web in ANY guide... and its about the Demon Wall , and easy infinite Demonsbane swords and Gil!

The normal thinking is that you can only get the Demonsbane sword about 20% of the time as the chest respawns differently each time.


I have discovered by accident a way to get a Demonsbane sword EVERYTIME the chest respawns!

The way to do it is to touch the jewels on each of the 2 altars AND THEN go back touch the jewel where the first Demon Wall was.

You can't believe how stoked I was when the first time of trying I got one Demonsbane! And when tried a second time... ANOTHER! and on and on.

I tested why this was happening a few times and it just seems to matter that the altar jewels must be activated BEFORE the wall jewel.

I now have 10 Demonsbane swords after 30mins of running around. Even Keeping 3 of those and selling the rest to Dyce earns me a cool 21,000 Gil! PLUS Now I can now defeat the fire element guardians in the tomb very easily with the demonsbane swords and earn 250 gill per "green liquid" they drop. Which is about 30,000 (or more) gil extra!

Your guide seems the most updated on Gamefaqs so I thought I'd let you know first!

Call it an exclusive!


Anonymous said...


Good FAQ guide btw - nice work. Couldn't find this in your guide though, but I guess you know about it... I managed to get the Ancient Sword from a hidden chest on the Dreadnought Leviathan. Quite useful at that stage in the game, was eventually getting 250hp+ dmg using it in the Sandsea's - so you can level up really quick.

The chest is in a hidden dark section not shown on the map - cant remember exactly where cos I didn't think much of it at the time. But it was before I fought the Judges. Simple way to do it, is just to make sure you cover all the map first time round.