Friday, November 9, 2007

Current Gaming - Silent Hill Origins

I picked up Silent Hill Origins on Wednesday and managed to beat it today (Friday). It's a fantastic survival horror experience for a portable and one that demands headphones. If you play this game without them then you're NOT getting the full experience. Survival horrors usually use sound to help draw a player in and this one definitely doesn't dissappoint in that area. Origins reminds me a bunch of the first Silent Hill. Groups of enemies are usually very annoying and cause you to run more than fight, just like the first Silent Hill. Also, like the first, the game is hard and you'll be using health items quite a bit!

I'll have a review up for this one in a few days and I might even do a FAQ for this one - I think I could get through one rather quickly. I really need to finish Metroid Prime 3 first though - eh, I might put MP3 on halt or work on them both at the same time. ;p


Nish said...

Blimey! You tear through games, don't you? ;)

Although not a massive SH fan I have bothered to play the first three games, and I did enjoy terrifying myself with them (I scare easily).

In this instance, though, I might wait for your review.

Berserker said...

Yeah, there have been new games being released for the past four weeks over here that I have been waiting for.

Week 1: Dracula X Chronicles
Week 2: Virtua Fighter 5
Week 3: Silent Hill: Origins
Week 4: Umbrella Chronicles

Week 4 is next week! Hopefully the best is saved for last in this case. :D