Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Injustice: Gods Among Us Guide

A guide for a fighter? This is so not my style really, but I last got involved with a fighter a few years back and did some stuff for MvC3, so I'm not all that new to writing for the fighting game genre. Anyway, I saw that Injustice had need of a guide on GameFAQs and they were offering a $60 gift card for a guide on it, so I decided to run through one really quick.

Injustice Guide

Injustice was supposed to be a small little project and then I would return to Gears of Judgment - I'm working on Judgment also - BUT, I am now stuck on Injustice and want to keep on compiling info for it, since... it's so fun to write for a fighter once again! I'm pretty sick of action games at this point, so this is nice.

Resident what? I probably won't do anything Resident Evil RElated until Revelations releases. I'm pretty tired of RE6 at the moment. It's been over 2 months since I last played it.


Redfield_Wong said...

hey since a you already started to write guides for fighting games how about a guide about tekken. have you ever played tekken ?

Berserker said...

Hey there!

Yeah, I have Tekken Tag Tournament 2. There is a guide for it up on GameFAQs that is nearly complete - pretty big guide. In the future, I might write for some more fighting games. They are very easy to write for overall and very fun!

Do you play Marvel vs Capcom 3 any? I would nearly consider writing for that later. It just wouldn't get much attention now though. That would be so fun however.

Redfield_Wong said...

No i don't play mvc 3. i played it once on ps3 and i didn't enjoy it very much.
What is your favourite tekken charcter ??? Mine is King !! :-)

Berserker said...

Paul Phoenix or Bryan Fury. I mainly like Paul Phoenix now. Street Fighter x Tekken made me like him. Haha.

Ling Xiaoyu is fun too!

Redfield_Wong said...

Hahaha yeah she is. i personally don't like paul but bryan is cool. Zafina is also fun to play with. she's like a spider ;-)

Berserker said...

Oh yeah. I know what you mean about Zafina. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was my first time to see her. She is quite a unique fighter.

Redfield_Wong said...

I like her best. Zafina and king are my best fighters.