Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Resident Evil: Revelations Guide

I've been working on this guide ever since a week and half before the US release. Just about every section is done on it now. The only section that isn't finished so far is the Raid Mode section. I'd like to make a sort of mini walkthrough per stage... maybe per difficulty, so this will take some major time to fully complete. Therefore, as of February 23, 2012, I now consider this guide "complete" since the walkthrough for the main campaign is fully done and so is the majority of everything else.

I'll get to the rest of Raid Mode throughout the remainder of the month and try to finish that section up. I might add a Hell mode section as well. Honestly, there are only a few parts of Hell mode that I deem truly harder than the normal mode once you get used to it. The final boss in Hell mode is pretty ridiculous if you ask me, but he's not so bad if you remember to bring the rocket launcher to the fight with him.

Resident Evil: Revelations is a total blast of an RE game. I seriously feel this game offers a better RE experience for the main campaign than RE4 and RE5. It has many more elements from a survival horror game and less emphasis on action. I'm so very pleased with this game. The mini game portion, Raid Mode, is really good too. The three difficulties in the mini game really help out in the replay value department - there is so much to complete in Raid Mode. It's good to see Capcom trying out a new type of mini game instead of Mercs once again.


Oh, and here is one bit of extra info for the post below. Here's another reason why I will never say "I quit" with RE5 Mercenaries:

Because of the great friends that I have made from RE5!

RE5 Mercs Partner - A player that will help you try to achieve a great score.
RE5 Mercs Friend - A player that will help you try to achieve a great score and still stay in contact with you once RE5 has been turned off for the day.


sephirosuy said...

Yea agreed, Revelations has lot more horror elemental bought back lot of classic RE memory. But I still prefer the old camera view like RE 1,2,3, Outbreak etc...

I faced some trouble on Normal mode, I think I better restart my game on Casual mode first lol

Berserker said...


Revelations is pretty hard overall for an RE game. Once you get used to it it's not as bad, but... the enemies don't seem to stagger as easily as in newer RE games. I can't just shoot the enemy in the head and melee the enemy like I could in RE5!

Just normal enemies in Revelations can actually be a threat, I think.

Big fan of yours. said...

Hey I LOVE your walkthroughs. I mean, your resident evil walkthroughs always have basically everything in it. However I always thought of you as an xbox/ps3 console guy. Imagine my surprise when I saw you had a Revelations walkthrough on Gamefaqs! In addition your Dead Rising 2 is also the most detailed walkthrough I've ever seen! And your dlc ones are definitely the best ones there are. (if only I could see what kind of guide you would make if you did the original Dead Rising) Just dropping by to say I LOVE and REALLY appreciate your work.

Berserker said...

Thanks a lot for the comment! I appreciate it!

I posted on your youtube, but can't see the reply, so I'll just copy and paste it here just in case. You probably have them set to approve them before posting.


Hey there!

Thanks for the page comment on my blog. I really appreciate it!

With Dead Rising, I actually did make a guide for it, but it's exclusive to Cheat Happens.

I did that guide in about 2 weeks, so it's nowhere near as detailed as my DR2 guide. I used to write guides for Cheat Happens, but stopped doing it eventually. I don't do exclusive guides anymore since I feel rushed when writing them and can't add everything that I want to. There is also a lack of exposure since they are exclusive to one site.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your great guide! Just finished my first try ever at RE (I'm usually more of the jumpy-runny SuperMario and Pikachu-like general cuteness persuasion) and your guide helped me out a few times when I got stuck. Onward to hell mode!

Berserker said...

Very awesome! Thanks for the comment!

I sometimes venture over to Mario land with one of his new games. I've recently been looking up more 3DS games and, I must admit, Super Mario 3D Land looks quite interesting to me.

Amjad Riaz said...

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Ni Bee said...

Hey Berserker,

I found your walkthrough on extremely helpful. I just had one question. Do ammo cases change locations depending on the difficulty that you're playing and whether or not you picked up all the ones usually available in normal difficulty?

For example, I found an ammo case in the casino that wasn't mentioned in your faq (at least I don't think it was). When facing the main stairs in the casino, it was located to the right of the stairs and between some of the slot machines.

These two guides mentioned this specific ammo case.

Anonymous said...

Found this walkthrough on gameFaqs and wanted to say thanks! Really detailed, good walkthrough, appreciate it.