Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries - One Reason Why I'll Never Say "I quit"

For the past year, I've gotten to where I just get lazy with my email and allow emails to build up quite a bit in my inbox before I answer them. I literally just leave emails hanging for a month or two at times. I was just looking through my emails a few moments ago and ran across this one. This kind of email means a lot to me and I wanted to share it:

I've just been getting back into playing RE5 mercs again. I love it but, I suck at it. Right now, my highest solo score on PA with BSAA chris is around 80k. A string of youtube and google searches for ideas on tactics and I found out that I've been playing using old info. Picking it up again and learning how to play it all over again, especially using Type B controls over Type D controls is going to take a lot of getting used to but I like it for that very reason. It is like playing a whole new mercenaries. I never had any problems getting SS scores in duo, but I like to attribute that to me and my partner just having insane persistence for getting a good run and a pretty tight teamwork game as well. After I get my game right and I conquer solo, I'm going to go back to duo and bust the scores that we previously set, and I'm going to use your guides to help me do it.

Anyway I guess that was a really long winded and unnecessary way of saying thanks for your guides, I share your enthusiasm for RE5 mercs (but not the skill), and keep up the good work. I'm always willing to support people that put a lot of effort into being good at something everyone can share.

I've also got a few messages in my guestbook much like this one. They mean a lot to me. The overall RE5 Mercs community is really annoying to me now and has been for over the past year making it hard to continue to enjoy and still write out info for the game. "It's not the game that is bad, it's the community surrounding it that makes it bad" so says a certain friend. That's all very true, but I won't even get into that.

At times, I think to myself, it would be so easy to move on from RE5 and just stay gone, but it's emails like this and certain friends that I play with that will keep me involved for a while longer. I will take many breaks from it from now on and work on other games (Revelations and ORC), but I'll always return eventually.

Aside from messing around with Missile Area, getting high scores has been thrown out the window for over a year now from lack of motivation. Documenting info for RE5 Mercs is much more important to me now. I hate leaving things unfinished and there are still more solo stages left to write some info about so I'll continue with that eventually.

Just last night, I had a brainstorm on one more project for Mercs 3D since I'm sort of back to playing handhelds once again. No one is going to really care, but it wouldn't take that long and it's something I want to do! I think it should give me some variety away from Revelations and RE5 Mercs also. I'll get to the ROOT of that problem later. Yuck! Yuck!


Tomserker said...

That was a cool email. It's nice to see people being appreciative of another person's hard work, instead of taking it for granted.

I love how Rebecca doesn't laugh - or even pretend to laugh - at Chris' lame Plant 42 joke xD.

Berserker said...

Yeah, that email struck me at the right time yesterday. I was bored and decided to clean up my inbox from all emails that I haven't responded to yet. I very rarely receive Resident Evil emails - especially with RE5 Mercs now.

And yeah, that joke in the original RE is so corny it just makes you smile and sort of cry out with laughter on the inside. xD