Thursday, February 28, 2008

Poll #8 - How far have you made it in the Bloody Palace survival mode in DMC4?

So up to last night I had only made it up to about Stage 27 in Bloody Palace. I never really had experimented that much with Nero's level 3 charge blast outside of shooting Mephistos, Fausts, and Blitzs, but I decided to change the button layout a bit just to see how well the level 3 charge blast worked on other enemies in Bloody Palace. When I reached Stage 40 I was more than conviced that it was helpful - I had to turn it off and leave then though.

Later last night, I decided to play Bloody Palace again with Nero just to experiment with some stuff and before I knew it, I was up in the 60 range of stages. I decided to continue just to see how far I could make it. Credo almost stopped me on Stage 80 - literally one more hit and I would have been defeated as I defeated him. Fighting two Blitz wasn't really that bad with Nero and the armada of Angelos on Stage 99 was fairly easy. Dante on Stage 101 was pretty scary, especially since I had almost lost sanity by then, but I managed to beat him to complete Bloody Palace.

With Nero's charge blast on constant charge, I didn't even really need Exceed moves. Level 3 Ex Streaks helped out some, but the level 3 charge blast was the main savior for me. That move is way too useful.

So, how far have the rest of you made it?

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