Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dead Rising Guide Compilation

Several years back, I wrote a guide for the original Dead Rising and allowed Cheat Happens to host it with added html and pics. I've had a talk with them and plan to release many of the guides I wrote for them as text guides on all the gaming sites. Sure, they are very old, but I spent a BUNCH of time on these guides and would like for them to at least be listed on my GameFAQs account.

The first game up is Dead Rising. This text version of this guide contains EVERYTHING that I have done for Dead Rising except for the script guide already listed on their site. I went just as overboard with Dead Rising 2, so now I have a matching pair! Haha. It's a great feeling to finally have my original Dead Rising guide up on GameFAQs. I'll be adding Lost Planet and God Hand guides on there eventually.

For those wondering if I'll be doing anything for Dead Rising 3, no, I won't. I don't plan on getting an Xbox One or a Playstation 4, for that matter, anytime soon. If I ever do get the chance to write one... I might. Honestly, ever since Dead Rising 2: Case West released, I've literally had my feel of Dead Rising overall. I didn't even bother with Dead Rising: Off the Record from the feeling of being so burnt out by Case West, so really I don't know if Dead Rising 3 would really mean as much to me.

As for those wondering about my next projects, I plan to write for Flashback and I'm currently still adding more to my Injustice guide. I might do something for Batman: Arkham Origins later this year also. If I do something for Batman, it will be EXTENSIVE since I love the Arkham games so much.


Anonymous said...

I know this post is pretty old, but why did you hate GameFAQs in the first place? It's the first place I go for guides and maybe I would've even used your Dead Rising guide if it would've been there. I found you through your Mercenaries 3D guide, btw. Pretty good.

Also, no guide for God Hand from you on GameFAQs yet. :-(

Berserker said...

I've never hated GameFAQs. Walkthroughs such as the one in this post were originally done exclusively for CheatHappens through an agreement. After being asked about posting them on GameFAQs, the administrator of CheatHappens allowed me to do so later. I still haven't added God Hand on GameFAQs but might eventually.

I have the same type of agreement set up through Neoseeker right now also.

I don't hate GameFAQs. I actually started out writing because of them, so there is no way I could hate them. It's just nice to get some actual profit from writing for other sites.