Monday, October 3, 2011

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X Guide

Veronica may be old, but I'd still FAQ that... Hard. And so, I did! I busted a whole load of info all over her.

Seriously, Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X stands as my favorite RE game out of them all. I've been constantly wanting to write a guide for the game, but have been lacking the reason to. Now that it's been rereleased in HD, I finally saw my chance.

The game looks quite good for such an old game. The lighting effects have been improved quite drastically. Flame effects and water effects seem much better now. The water actually looks fully remade if you ask me. It sure didn't look that good on the Gamecube version I was playing recently.

Maybe some day, I'll have a reason to write for another old RE game. In a way, I'd kind of like to write for RE: Zero.

NOTE: For anyone wondering about the image above, it's the design on the back of Claire's jacket:


Just for fun, this is a little portion of the guide that I decided to remove but still wanted to share with the readers of my blog. I felt that it went a little overboard with explanation, so I removed it. This was originally in the area where Claire first sees Nosferatu in his cell below the grated floor at the Antarctic Base:

Oh, and about the man below...

It appears that someone has been restrained because of their RE5 Mercs addiction. This is what happens when a person becomes obsessed with that minigame - some of them slowly mutate into a terrifying monster with no pity on others. They are one with the leaderboards at this point - the LB-Virus has taken over. They have to be restrained with shackles and their eyes have to be strapped shut so they cannot view the leaderboards anymore. This is an RE5 Mercs community joke, by the way.


Tom Guycot said...

Oh, nice! Good to see this up. I was looking forward to this. CV:X is one of my favorites too. Reading your guide and your description of the game's events brings back a lot of memories. Ah, early PS2 era, those were the days! xD.

BTW, I like your extra section too. I feel that way myself sometimes.

MetalArkanus said...

In my first and only playthrough I forgot the empty extinguisher in the security box xD

Berserker said...

Haha. Tom Guycot has the LG-virus! RUN! xD

I never have forgotten the empty extinguisher at Rockfort Island. I can be bad with forgetting the extinguisher at the Antarctic Base with Chris though. That item is cursed with slight amnesia, or something.

Berserker said...


What is "LG" anyway...?

Redfield_Wong said...

Life's Good. ;-)