Thursday, June 9, 2011

RE5 Mercs Guide - Possible Rewrite

If you're close to me because of RE5 or have ever mentioned my Mercs guide to me for RE5 then you probably know my thoughts on my existing Mercs guide on GameFAQs right now.

RE5 Mercs guide

^ That guide is very out-of-date and basically crap at the moment from my view. I have people that mention how much the guide helped them, but when I look back on it now, much of the info in it is so embarrassing compared to what I know now. It's literally based off my experience with the game for 3 months after its release.

I've been saying that I would update a bunch of it, but I still haven't yet. Just yesterday, I started thinking even more about it. Updating it wouldn't really satisfy me at this point. There's just too much stuff in the guide to read it over again and go through and add stuff.

I want to make a hardcore guide that appeals to a crowd that really wants to play RE5 Mercs for scores and not just those that want to play it for SS-ranks. Right now, the current guide is kind of a mixture. If I updated it, it would stay the same way.

So I decided...

I'll fully rewrite EVERYTHING from the ground up!

The new guide that I make will be as hardcore as I can make it. I'll try to go in depth with every character and ESPECIALLY the stages. There will be no SS-rank or material that will help you unlock all characters easily with an A-rank. This will be strictly for those that want to play the game for scores. All formatting will be changed...

NOTHING will stay the same.

In order to satisfy those that are happy with the current guide, I've decided that I will keep the existing Mercs guide up, but it will be added to my RE5 guide on GameFAQs (you'll have to open up the full guide to see it). The new guide will replace the current one up above.

At the moment, this is all still talk, though I have actually started on some of the new guide already. As long as I can keep up the motivation for it, I think I can get it done in a few weeks or a month.

With FAQ writing I find it SO MUCH easier to write a new guide rather than go back and update an existing guide. With a new guide, you're free to do anything you want! With an existing guide, you have to read over several parts of it to make sure that what you're adding stays consistent with everything else.

I have told a few people that I wish I could go back in time with what I know now and start on the Mercs guide for the first time once again. The game is old now, but I want to rewrite it for myself mainly. I want to be satified with what I see on that RE5 GameFAQs page when I see my Mercs guide. Maybe this will give me that chance to finally do so.

I'll make a post here and/or add some info on my youtube page as I progress with this. It might possibly spawn a few other ideas besides just a Mercs guide rewrite. I'm still considering a few extras other than the rewrite.


JuJu said...

=D go kevo !!!

sephirosuy said...

Woo re-write takes a long time since your guide is big, gonna be a perfect guide for this game ^_^

Berserker said...

Yeah, I hope so, Seph. Sometimes my mouth is bigger than my actions. xD


*tackles JuJu*