Monday, March 29, 2010

Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape Guides

This guide has been up for a while actually. I first posted it a few weeks after Lost in Nightmares was released. To me, Lost in Nightmares is the best part of RE5 overall. It really takes a player back to the horror experience that RE5 used to be while maintaining the newer action gameplay. I'd love to see Resident Evil 6 take this type of approach.

I just posted this guide about a week ago. In a way this one is rushed, kind of like Lost in Nightmares. Desperate Escape feels too much like more of the main game of RE5 overall to me. It does have some good tense moments like the final battle, but overall, it feels like a Mercs game... it even has exploding bosses! xD

Now there is only one thing left that I need to do...

Just one more thing...

A God of War III guide!


A Mercenaries Reunion guide of course!

Visit the Biohazard Mercenaries site and view the strategy board to see what I have done on this guide so far. I'm going to try to be as detailed as my original Mercs guide.

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