Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Resident Evil 5 Demo and Other RE5 News

Famitsu magazing recently announced the following:

a) An RE5 (Biohazard 5) demo which covers two stages in the African town of Kijuju and has co-op play will be released on Xbox LIVE on December 5th in Japan available to gold members only. The Capcom Blog makes mention of a PSN demo for PS3 and that the North Amercian demos will arrive at a later date sometimes after the JPN demo.
b) The Japan release for RE5 has been moved up to March 5, 2009 and the rest will still remain at March 13, 2009.
c) Capcom's e-Capcom sales site in Japan will be selling a LE version of RE which includes:
- a 32-page all color art book
- a complete with exclusive staff commentary
- a BSAA waist pouch that's meant to look like an item Chris wears in the game
- a 2 gigabyte USB memory card shaped like an anti virus item from the game

Pics of LE

Source: IGN (UK), 1up

Here's hoping we'll hear more on this (such as worldwide mentions of at least the demo) in the coming weeks.

Oh, and also, click here for a new Chris Redfield character rendering.


Sentox said...

In short - the demo is pretty awesome.

First and foremost: this is Resident Evil 4.5. Heck, you could probably call it 4.1. For me, this is a very good thing, but I can imagine some will be less pleased. If you liked RE4, you'll love this, and if not, not much is changing.

I like the new control scheme options. All the old limitations are still in play (no movement while shooting, each time you stop aiming your view is recentred vertically), but having the option to orientate Chris (and aim) with the right stick, while moving/strafing with the left stick is a lot better, imo.

I did die pretty quickly though. Once the demo level started, I messed around a little bit, found the controls pretty reasonable, and headed off into a fight. As soon as I got mobbed by zombies, I started pressing the right buttons... for RE4. Seems I've got some habits to break :P

Sheva is... ok. The problem with building the campaign around co-op is that you're then forced to rely on an A.I. bot. This wouldn't be so much of an issue, except that Sheva's death equals game over. When she's in cover mode, though, she sticks to you like glue, and doesn't get in harms way too much. Could be plenty worse. She's basically an Ashley that can fend for herself.

Graphics are extremely impressive, perhaps the best I've seen on a console. On this point, though, I'm suffering from some notable screen tearing. It's not quite as bad as Dead Rising (hah), but I expected Capcom to have their act together on this, after DMC4 worked so well. I'd like to put it down to pre-release code, but it seems to be affecting people based on how their console is connected to their TV, and what resolution they're running at (again, like Dead Rising). Time will tell.

Basically, though, it just feels like a better RE4.

Berserker said...

I really enjoy the new team aspect that the game carries. Whether playing single or multiplayer it feels like I'm constantly in a team. I really like the AI of the CPU controlled Sheva myself. She's usually there to help out when I need her for healing or boosting Chris back up on his feet.

There seems to be more emphasis on melee attacks this time also, which I really enjoy. There's quite a few depending on how the enemies are hit.

Playing online with the newer RE style is total blast if you ask me. With as much fun as I'm having with just the demo, I can't wait for the full game!

At first the game was hard to control since I was used to the finely tuned Dead Space setup, but I didn't have much problems learning to adjust. I can adjust easily between survival horrors usually.

The only real complaint that I have about the game so far is how Sheva is confined to only multiplayer. I hope that they will allow us to switch over to her in a single player game when the full game of RE5 is released.

Sentox said...

What control scheme are you using? I went with type D... actually had problems at first, because as soon the not-zombies applied pressure, I started trying to play it like RE4 :P

Once I adjusted though, I do find it better. I've been playing Dead Space on PC, so there's no mental crossover there.

And yeah, the melee attacks are great. There seems to be a number of scenarios that produce different attacks, depending on whether the enemy is:

Staggered by a headshot (Straight)
Flinched to the side (Hook)
On their knees (Uppercut)
Back-facing (???)
Back-facing on their knees (???)
Grounded (Stomp)

The two back-facing types I've read about, but I haven't had a chance to try them.

Sentox said...

Oh, yes, and real-time inventory (blogspot needs an edit button). I'm kinda conflicted over this. On the one hand, quick-switching via the D-Pad is great. On the other hand, when you pick up something like a grenade in the middle of a fight, and want to put it to use, it gets pretty frantic.

Berserker said...

I use type D, mainly because I'm still used to Dead Space and it more closely resembles it at the moment. I still have a few problems with turning from time to time though.

Staggered by a headshot (Straight)
Flinched to the side (Hook)
On their knees (Uppercut)
Back-facing flinched to side (Kick)
Back-facing on their knees (Neck Breaker)
Grounded (Stomp)

There you go. The stomp will automatically crush an enemy's head if you stand above the head also. There is a dodge command when the Executioner picks up a character and drops them also. The grab can't be interrupted by a partner. Also, there are two animations where the Uppercut and Neck Breaker can be triggered - both when they are on their knees and whenever they spred their legs and crouch down a bit.

One thing that has gained my interest is that whenever an enemy grabs either Chris or Sheva from the front side, whenever you push the enemy off by hitting the buttons, both Chris and Sheva raise a fist like they are about to hit the enemy but nothing happens. I wonder if there is a certain button or sequence that can be entered at that time for a punch.

I think Chris pushes an enemy off in the trailer then punches the enemy with a straight punch. They might not have implemented this feature in the demo yet though.

Yeah, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the inventory system as well. It's hard to switch an item to a certain box during the heat of battle. I have a feeling that I can get used to it though. It sure does help to build up the tension. Haha.

Sentox said...

That was interesting.

Berserker said...

Thanks for that man. I've been looking for a youtube video of those. Chris' backhand is so very lethal! Here's Sheva's:

Yesterday, I managed to perform both of Chris' with two controllers by myself. I'm trying to record stuff for the game already.

It seems that Microsoft now signs people out of Xbox LIVE while playing the demo, so we can't play online anymore. That started around 1:00 am CST last night. Oh well, there is always single player!

Sentox said...

Yeah, apparently the same criteria for downloading the demo is now applied to playing over LIVE. If you're not in Japan, no go. It's a shame, but still, A.I. controlled Sheva has helped me more than my friends xD

It'll be interesting to play the final game next year. I expect this demo is fairly close to final product, but the build is about five months old (I think) so perhaps some things will change.

Setting up those moves by yourself must have taken some patience and a lot of manueovering :O

Berserker said...

If you have the RE5 demo on your hard drive and plan to keep playing the game then don't play it while signed into your Xbox LIVE account.

I tryed to play it just a few hours ago on Xbox LIVE and it corrupted the demo. Not even a cache clear will restore it. The file is completely corrupted. My five days of heaven comes to an end now.

Hopefully the demo will be released this month for North America. I really wonder what Microsoft is plotting for the areas outside of Japan with how aggressive they are at keeping all other regions away from this demo?

Sentox said...

Eeek, that's pretty heavy-handed. As you say, you have to wonder what they're planning. Since the demo included English VO and text, I assumed it was the demo that would be distributed to the rest of the world. I can understand MS/Capcom wanting to preserve the "exclusivity", but it's not like it's that easy to get.

Thanks for the heads up, anyway. I haven't played it since yesterday, so I should be ok. I suspect you might be able to restore it by deleting it and copying it over from your PC. I have a 120gb HDD (and thus the USB transfer cable), and I (being too late for the Japanese account method) downloaded the demo using a torrent and copied it straight into the hard drive with Xplorer360.

Of course, if you don't have the cable, it means removing the drive from its shell to connect it directly, which certainly isn't worth it :|

Berserker said...

Ah, thanks. I was one of the few that got in before the region lock on the Japanese marketplace.

When it comes to comp related files and programs that I haven't used before I basically get lost rather quickly, so I'll just wait for the North American release now. I'm a little afraid to use a burned CD or DVD in the 360 really. I've practically memorized all areas of the demo anyway.

The only bad part is that I was going to use its info as a way to have a demo FAQ available when the demo releases in North America. Oh well.

Did you ever manage to play online with anyone else before MS blocked off non-JPN ISP's? It REALLY increases its replay value.

Berserker said...

And no, I don't have the transfer device - still struggling to maintain space with a 20 GB hard drive at the moment.

Sentox said...

I finally broke and shelled out for the 120gb because of the NXE installation feature. Every time I look at the console, though, I get a painful reminder of the markup on what's essentially a generic laptop hard drive :(

Rest assured there's nothing a burnt CD/DVD can do to affect the 360. Worst possible outcome is that the 360 doesn't read the disc, and you have a coaster.

If perchance you do want to get it back this way, there's some download links and instructions here:

I didn't play online with anyone... mainly because I have no Xbox LIVE friends :P Living in New Zealand has a lot to do with that. I did play offline co-op with a few friends though; not quite as good, but still fun.

Berserker said...

Well, then add me to your friends list. ;) When the demo is released outside Japan, I'll make it a point to play through with you. Just send me a message to let me know that it's you if you do add me.

I think I'll just wait on the demo now. I'd like to be able to play co-op online once again. It was so great while it lasted! :D

Sentox said...

You'll probably know it's me... my gamertag is Sentox6. Apparently some guy in the Netherlands already has Sentox :|

I don't think I can send you a message, because Silver accounts restrict you to only messaging people already on your list. I don't have much use for a Gold account currently, but I have a one month card I'll be keeping for RE5's release now :)

Sentox said...

Some bits and pieces on the demo lockout. Seems it's not Capcom's doing, or at least their US division.

At least there'll be an announcement on the wider release of the demo soon.

Berserker said...

Yep, I was just coming to post that, Sentox. :D Thanks!

I notice that it says that the problem will even happen offline. That's kind of scary how a corruption can be made to data on your hard drive like that.

Here's hoping for more news this time next week. And yeah, keep that gold card handy. :)