Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tribute to a Good Friend.

I just recently learned that a close friend of mine, Shane Clayton, died two years ago - he was my old arcade-going and MK-lovin' buddy that I grew up playing games with. Up until now, I've been wondering if he was doing well since we lost touch a while back. I lost contact with him 4 years ago and just this Sunday, his mom called to tell my family about what had happened. :(

My beginnings in guide writing are actually based upon a suggestion from him. "Dude, you should write your own guides for these games". That statement may seem simple and at that time there wasn't a lot of seriousness behind it but it did have some impact on how I first started when I began writing for video games.

On a lighter note, hopefully he is still laying down the rest of the competition in Punch-Out!! up above.

I always think of Little Mac when I think of him. Won't ever forget you, good buddy. RIP.


sephirosuy said...


take it easy

sephirosuy said...

erm... sorry if I post the wrong words, I mean... let the badness go :[

Berserker said...

No prob with the first post.

I appreciate your posts Seph.