Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Evil is fading, now its time to get corrupted!

I would be lying if I said that I picked up a Nintendo Wii just for the Resident Evil games. I had strong faith that Metroid Prime 3: Corruption would be one of the first games to fully utilize the Wii controller based on the information that I had read about it around when the Wii was announced. Well, I just picked up Metroid Prime 3 yesterday and it is fantastic so far! My right wrist is actually sore at the moment from a boss fight so I decided to take a break for a while and type out a blog entry.

I'll have a full review up in a few days once I get finished - and I have plenty to say so far. :)
"You toxic creature - did you imagine I'd simply allow you to run loose, corrupting everything you encounter?"


Nish said...

Looking forward to reading your review.

From what I've read of people's experiences it's a terrific game.

If I had stuck to my guns with my 'PAL Nintendo - never again' policy, I'd probably be playing this too.

It arrives over here in October, which is perhaps too close to Super Mario Galaxy, and it's that game which takes priority for me.

Berserker said...

Hopefully Datel will make a Freeloader or Action Replay for the Wii. That should solve most import problems.

I find it amazing how the GC Action Replay actually works with the Wii. Very nice how that works out.

Nish said...

The only problem with FreeLoader is Nintendo's firmware updates. I understand that the most recent update has turned the newest FL into a coaster.